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UT2003/2004 Scritping

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by ZippyDSM, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. ZippyDSM

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    Aug 3, 2005
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    Anyone any good? I need help to further my understanding of it all but I am willing to help anyone get into it,so far I have managed to make some ok weapon replacements altho I have hit some odd glitches with some in 03 and in 04 they seem to work fine as long as I mut them right.

    anyone do any UX scripting of any kind? talk about what you know ^^

    I am getting the anthology in soon so I can edit unreal 1 to UT04 I currently only have 03,I have Unreal Gold here somewhere :p

    my 2 best weapons are the Zar a assault Rifle tweak that ups the damage on the AR along with giving it better accuracy but cost 2 rounds a shot,I tied grenades to the mini gun ammo eating 5 a shot but lowered their damage from 70 to 50 and up the radius on them by 50% its a rather nasty weapon now.

    The stinger is a LinkGun replacement getting rid of the link fire for the age old shotgun stinger shot...only tis faster....normal fire is faster as well,so are the projectiles they are smaller and faster now,it carries abotu the same damage as the stinger but tis about as nasty as the minigun I still am working on its balance but the ammo glitch has me pissed it will not use the amount of ammo I tell it to use.

    I am still a novice coder but I ahve got 2 weapons done enough to share with friends ^^

    the stinger works perfectly on UT04 dosent do the right ammo on 03 and the ZAT ran last time I got someone to do it I think *L*

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