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VCD Creation

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by tosco, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. tosco

    tosco Guest

    I use virtual dub to cut up avi movie files, so I can place them onto vcd. I use TMPGenc to encode the avi files to vcd. Most movies so far have come out fine, and play very nice on the DVD player.

    However, I am working on one movie, and it seems as if there are a lot of chirps/video distortion bleeps every few minutes. The original .avi file, as well as the CUT UP avi file, play fine, so it isnt the source. The audio chirps/video bleeps only come after I encode the video file to vcd.

    I had this problem for another movie, and I simply re-
    encoded the cut avi to vcd in TMPGenc, and it came out fine the second time. I didnt change anything.

    So to summarize:
    all video plays fine until it is encoded with TMPEGenc to VCD. Once its a VCD, there are 1-2 minute frequent audio chirps/video distortion bleeps. They only last for a second.

    So im wondering, is there something thats affecting this? something I can do? I tried implementing the GOOD audio file from the cut avi, to the already encoded mpeg. I still got chirps. Its as if, anytime I go through tmpgenc, i'll get chirps. Is there some program I can use to implement the GOOD avi audio file into the already encoded mpeg? Or is there some other way this problem can be fixed?

    Its not horrible, but the audio chirps are rather annoying.

    I appreciate any help
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  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    I don't know. You seem you didn't do anything wrong (but I would use TMPGenc___Settings___Advenced___Select Range and NOT Virtualdub, because in the input movie-->.AVI Virtauldub's conversion you might lose quality).

    But the final MPEG movie, as seen in the PC is good?

    If it is good, it's a problem of the media, maybe. Change the CD-R type and set the burning speed at the minimum.

    If it's not good, it's a problem of the use of the AVI codec in Virualdub, when you Save as AVI (F7).
  3. tosco

    tosco Guest

    eh, there seems to be no quality loss. All avi's are fine, no chirps or anything, even the cut-up ones.

    Its when I convert them to vcd (mpg), that the files get the chirps. I preview the mpg's before I even burn them, and thats when I see the chirps.

    "If it's not good, it's a problem of the use of the AVI codec in Virualdub, when you Save as AVI (F7). "

    but wouldnt i see/hear the chirps in the cut-up avi's then? I'll give the range method a try, and avoid virtual dub and see what happens.
  4. tosco

    tosco Guest

    eh, didnt work

    i even re-encoded the video under divx, changed sampling rate to 44100 and it still did the chirps....

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