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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by blusquidd, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. blusquidd

    blusquidd Guest

    Sorry if this topic has been covered. I have a cool music vcd that I would like to burn to a dvd. Is there any programs that can do this? Thanks
  2. 97bullock

    97bullock Regular member

    Oct 20, 2004
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    there are a ton of ways to go about this.it really depends what programs you have.

    to do it with nerovision express is really simple.just click add video file and add the avesque01.dat file off the disk.if the vcd is on more than disk,repeat the process.what you do next is up to you.if you just want it to play as one big file then merge the files into one big file from the button on the left(make sure that the videos are listed in the right order first).then click more and untick create menu on disk.if you want to be able to pick which disk to play,click next and create the menu.when you burn it,it will encode it to a dvd during the burn process.

    nerovision will take a long time to encode.if you want a quick alternative,try out winavi.http://www.winavi.com
    encode the files to dvd then add the vob files in nero express from the dvd video files function

    dvd lab pro is a great program and will encode the vcd without any loss of quality as it only needs to encode the audio and not the video.using the above methods will result in a slight loss of quality.dvd lab pro is not an easy program to use however and can be intimidating to newbs.if you are new to this,use one of the above methods.you can get it at http://www.dvdlabpro.com

    good luck! and dont hesitate to come back if you have any problems carrying out any of these methods.


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