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Verbatim DVD Burners - Any good?

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by Digibop, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Digibop

    Digibop Member

    Apr 13, 2003
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    Does anyone know who makes the Verbatim burner?

    And is it any good?

    I have seen it advertised at $129 and it includes some pretty nice software including Nero.

    And a coupon to get DVD X Copy for only $29


    WDM2MPEG Member

    Sep 5, 2003
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    Hi Digibop,

    Verbatim was one of the first brands offering the most reliable CD-R blank media in middle 199x when CD-R technology just appeared. "One of the first" means both first in time and first in quality: they have appeared there before most other brands, and their quality was unbeatable. That days, when you wanted a reliable burn, you were using a blank disc from Verbatim. You have much broader choice of reliable media nowadays, and Verbatim continues to reside in the top portion of the list.

    I have bought a Verbatim CD burner (SCSI) in 1999, and it appeared to be really a high quality drive. The only issue was that I had to use appropriate software, because most of generic programs that time did not recognise that drive, it was a very new model. Next versions of that widely used generic programs were already aware of that drive, so I was able to use any generic CD-burning program.

    The manufacturer of the drive (as well as the owner of Verbatim brand) is Mitsubishi, one of the strongest players in Japanese hi-tech industry, including ultimate electronics, cars (remember what Jackie Chan drives), etc., etc. It is normal for Japanese hugest whales of hi-tech ocean to use more than one brand. For example, there is no such company as Panasonic (and never was), it is a brand belonging to the company named Matsushita, another whale being as huge as Mitsubishi is.

    I have checked now, the brand of Verbatim has not been sold or separated, it still belongs to Mitsubishi. It means, you can rely on their quality completely. If they are offering low price, it never means "cheap" quality, they are just able to underprice competitors whenever they want, like Wall-Mart can underprice any other store.
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