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Version 1.5 of DVDSubEdit is now available

Discussion in 'Subtitle help' started by dialysis1, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. dialysis1

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    Mar 13, 2006
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    This is the change log since version 1.41.

    Added support for real-time playback of video with audio and subtitles. There are two new buttons that can be used to play the video while displaying the subpictures. One plays the video normally, the other one loops around the current subpic. There is a drop down in the preferences for the frame-per-second adjustment, in case your machine is running out of cycles when playing video (which is possible because DVDSubEdit does not use the overlay buffer, and therefore consumes more cycle than a normal video playback engine).

    Added support for VOB files larger than 1GB.

    Added an option to only select subpics that are fully transparent.

    Changed the behavior of the "Hide" button. Instead of making all pixels transparent, it assigns all pixels to "background".
    Added better handling of non MPEG2 video (the video isn't displayed, which avoids crashing!).

    Added an ini option (AutoForceDisplayVideo) to not automatically display the video when opening VOBs etc.

    Finally fixed the problem of vertical moves by odd numbers of lines, by swapping the top and bottom fields when the top field ends up below the bottom field after a move. This should fix the problems with media player classic and other players.

    Fixed a display problem that occurred when loading sup files with IFOs.

    Fixed a bug that occurred in the OCR when subtitles were present at the top and at the bottom of the display, and one attempted to erase some characters at the bottom.

    Fixed the wrong display of the number of MB scanned during the scanning of a VOB file.

    Removed the "Not enough room for padding block" error (changed to a warning in the log since it's not crucial anyway).
    When reloading from the MRU, the list of subpics is now updated as the reloading takes place.

    Added better reporting of errors found in the subpic streams.
    If the user aborts while a vob file is being analyzed, the vob is no longer put in the MRU.

    Fixed a (very old) bug that could cause a subpic that had been moved down to cause a UI spillover when the background video wasn't displayed.

    Fixed a problem that could occur when no CLUT was found (no IFO file for example).

    Fixed cosmetic problems related to showing or hiding the background video.

    Modified the way the subpic info is saved and loaded (for fast reloading of previously scanned DVDs). This simplifies the code and the file. As a result, the first time you run this version, none of your recently-used files will be available for fast-reload.
    Fixed a bug in the "Save as sup file" function that prevented a new sup file from being created.

    Added code to deal with a padding stream smack in the middle of our subpic data, as seen in DVDs created by ConvertXtoDVD.

    Fixed a problem in the timecode display. The value didn't correspond to the time shown in a player if the PTS of the first VOBU wasn't close to 0.
  2. attar

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    Jun 17, 2005
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    I tried this new version, and the real time/loop playback feature is is excellent for fine tuning subtitle sync.

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