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very confused noobie???

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by leahcimewol, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. leahcimewol

    leahcimewol Member

    Sep 13, 2011
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    I have an umodded xbox either v1.4 or 1.5 (no visual differentiation and I don't have a multimeter nor the expertise on how to use it)
    I want to softmod the box.
    I have the original splinter cell game
    I have xbtool not yet installed(don't really know what this is for)
    I have flashfxp installed (which I think is the ftp client)
    I have mirc installed which I guess gives you the new username and password etails every time you go on xbins for files?

    I tried connecting my xbox directly to the router with ethernet just to see if it can actually connect and don't know why it's not working?
    Itt won't work with manual or automatic settings selected.
    when I changed network settings to manual and entered all the necessary details for ip address subnet mask and gateway then tried to connect I got the error message, no DNS server found?

    I tried again with automatic
    this time ip address configured
    everything else came up trumps except could not connect to XBOX Live?
    What am I doing wrong? I am unsure about which step I am supposed to do first.
    Softmod my box or get ftp access to it first? none of the forums have cleary identified this and as a noobie one must assume I am useless, trust me just when I think I am understanding I go deeper down the hole and find I'm completely lost in the world of(non)softmodding as in I'll never find out how to actually do it.
    People at computer shop useless, people at game shop had no idea, at least I was able to buy a copy of splinter cell there so if anything I have a new game I've never played before! help :(
  2. dravn8004

    dravn8004 Member

    May 25, 2008
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    the first step is the softmod you have the appropiate game now you need a way to get the hacked game saves from your computer to the xbox. you will need either a way to hook up a memory card to the pc or a way to hook up a usb drive to the xbox. i personally went with option 2. i took the break away cord from my controller cut off the part the plugs into the controller and cut a usb extension cable in half the stripped the wires on both then matched up the colors of the wires together. once that was done i hooked the usb drive up to the xbox turned it on the transfered a save file to the drive (the computer wouldnt let me add files properly until i did this) then went back to the pc and used xplorer 360 to put hacked saved files on the drive. then i went back to the xbox copied the files to the xbox rebooted started splinter cell and went i started a game using the save file it booted to the softmod menu. hope this helps. after that is done if you are using a router you will have to go into to the system settings on your new dashboard and turn off static ip and enable ftp. then reboot. once that is done turn your xbox back on and you will have the ip settings assigned to the xbox and that is what you type into flashxp.

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