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Vhs 2 Dvd, Or How Can I Record Live Tv ??? ...

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by jamieuk, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. jamieuk

    jamieuk Guest

    my main aim is to be able to record the ultimate fighting championship which is live on sky box office on the 22 november (paper veiw) on to a dvd-r disk with out having a dvd player that recordes directly, like the philipps 1.

    I have used the search function here over the last hour and after reading some other peoles posts of the similar concern, the only option i can seem to understand is that i need to record the event using a VHS player, after that i need to some how hook my PC up to my VHS player and convert it to divx etc, ovoulsey with a tv capture card. ( i have the kiss dvd player which plays divx to watch it on)

    IS THERE ANY WAY!!! i could plug my tv (sky) areial in to my computer and record the event LIVE!!! threw my PC ???. It just seems like i will loose alot of qaulity from recording it with a VHS tape fiirst off all, as you never get the same qaulity as what you are orinaly watching.

    What are my options here ???? if you can point me in a direction of a good guide, or even writing a litttle guide for me would be most apreciated........ PLease dont give me short answers which leave me confused!.

    Will thank you in advance to any 1 who has took the time out to help me!!!!!! cheers !..
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    You would get Much better Quality if you Captured the Video Live directly to your PC"s Hard drive...To do this you will need a Capture Card, and what you do is Hook your cable Box up to the Capture card and tune the Cable Box to the correct chanell and when the Event starts you Just start Captureing the Video to your PC...Depending on the Capture Card and PC you have you can Capture directly to Mpeg2 DVD Format so after you capture the Event you just author the Captured Mpeg2 file to a DVD and you can watch it on your DVD Player...Or depending on the Capture card you have and PC Speed and Hardware you can capture to a High Quality AVI format then after captureing the event you would then Convert the Captured File to Mpeg2 then author the File to DVD..This all depends on the Type of Capture Device you get and what type of PC you have....There is a Lot to it and it isn"t something you can just set up the First time and have it work without a Hitch...I personally don"t think you will have enough time to Learn how to do it Properly in the Time you have left unless you go out and get a Good Capture card Now and then start figureing out how to do it....well good Luck

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