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VHS Capture using dazzle 100,Nero has no sound-Pinecle studio doesnt work right?

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by Swriter, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Swriter

    Swriter Guest

    I have a dazzle 100 burner hooked up to my VCR and computer( A Gateway 420GR-512 mem,dlayer 8.5 gb dual layer DVD burner, sep CD drive-ect)
    I have successfully converted my vhs home video using this set up, and burned directly to dvd using the Pinacle software that came with it, but only by using instant DVD recorder. While it makes chapters, it's a direct burn and no editing ability.
    I've tried using both Pinacle Studio 10 ( came with Dazzle) to capture and save to my hd, but it comes up with cannot open the file. I've also tried using Nero 6, the Vision Express 2 program, and it has no sound when I turn the video capture on, I see the movie but there is no sound while it's playing. I haven't hit record yet, dont want to waste more dvd's ( for some reason DVD rw's are not working with
    these programs, all they want to do is erase them when I go back and try to add more video .I was told if I bought dazzle this would be a simple process, and it is IF I dont want to edit and just burn to DVD- but how do I get a working copy to my computer and edit it?
  2. Berryone

    Berryone Regular member

    Apr 4, 2006
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    Are you using the S-vidio to capture to your computer if so you have to connect audio cables also. I think you should have gotten Pinnacle's movie box plus. Nothing is easy with PINNACLE these days. Another way is to put your VHS tape onto a video camera, then hook that up to your computer, so you can use your Pinnacle software to put the video on the computer. then you may be able to edit your Videos (Long and Drawn out)

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