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Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by ModTech, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. ModTech

    ModTech Guest

    VHS (movie) to MP2 (using digital vcr from ATI software that came with my new card), everything went well, the file is on HDD. I Tried to burn it on a DVD-R media with Nero, did not work. What do I have to do next to be able to burn that file on a DVD-R? Do I have to do something with TMPGEnc program before burning or with DVD Shrink? I need IFO files or VOB files, i think. need help.

    DJGEOJOE Regular member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    You need a DVD authoring program like Pinnacle Stuido 8, DVDit!, or DVD maestro. There are several other low level programs that are not as good but will get the job done. Try Pinnacle studio 8, it can capture-edit- then burn that simple and the cost will not break your bank. DVDit! Is much more professional but costs a lot! Also you should know that DVD-R does not work on all DVD players neither does DVD+R but the newer players will usually play one or the other.
  3. plimper

    plimper Guest

    Actually you can use also the really easy to use Movie Factory V2.0 and Dvd Workshop V1.2 i am using with no problems at all it takes the mpeg2 format that you upload and it multiplexes it to vob files and burn them straight to a dvd-r.
    I hope i help you there mate!!!
  4. ModTech

    ModTech Guest


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