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vhs to dvd recorder

Discussion in 'DVD-VCR combos' started by mrbk7570, May 7, 2010.

  1. mrbk7570

    mrbk7570 Guest

    Hi, can someone please give me some advise i want to buy a vhs to dvd recorder what will make copys of home films to give to my family,ie b/days etc.
    i have read a wee item that some machines when they make copys of the disc it will only lpay back on the machine that made the copy in the first place.

    can some one point me in the right direction of which machine/maker/model will do this for me.

    thanks for your advise when you reply.
  2. Paula_X

    Paula_X Guest

    buy cheap.. and buy separates.. a used vcr and a standalone very cheap far east dvd recorder.. forget your names like fony and panacronic.. they are too restrictive by design.. worldwide cheapo.. tevion.. dual.. that kind of thing. they make disks that will play on any other machine..as long as you FINALIZE THEM!!

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