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Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by gsunset, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. gsunset

    gsunset Guest

    I have a question, how to copy my vhs movies to a DVD? I bought a dvd recorder nothing, copyright protection. What do I need exactly any one knows out there. I'm getting no information, I'm not going to spend 400.00 for a dvd recorder with vhs, it wont work. I would really appreciate some feed back. Thanks gsunset.
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Hi, What you would need is a "Video Stabilizer" to remove the Macrovision Copy Protection from the Signal Comeing from the VCR...

    If you just want to Copy VHS Tapes to DVD then you can get away with a Fairly Cheap Unit that would Run you about $20-$40 ,but if you wanted to Copy from another DVD Player to your DVD Recorder you would need a More expensive unit that can also remove the Protection found in Retail DVD"s Like CSS and Macrovision.....

    Take a Look at this one, I think it will do what you need done and it also says it works for recording from DVD Players:



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