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Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by TheFlyer, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. TheFlyer

    TheFlyer Guest

    Problems to select video codec DivX.

    When i use Flask MPEG 0.594 and open the ifo-file.
    Then i select the DVD subtitles and select
    output format=AVI Output.
    Then i go to "Output format options" and try to select the video codec,there is only one choice,"Cinepak Codec by Radius" to select.
    I want to have DivX 4 or 5.
    I have all DivX codecs installed on the computer in Windows/System32/
    Why canĀ“t i select DivX codecs in Flask MPEG???
    I run Windows XP Home Edition.

    I hope someone is kind to tell me what i am doing wrong.

    I have tryed Flask MPEG 0.6 too but its the same.
    And in the version 0.6 i cant select any DVD subs.

  2. supered69

    supered69 Guest

    Greetings From Portugal..
    I'm having exactly the same problem as you..but seems nobody replies..
    seacrh all over the forum but still no reply.
    Did u get any from your side?!

  3. TheFlyer

    TheFlyer Guest


    Greetings from Sweden.

    No i did not get a answer so i start to use TMPGEnc insted.
    Mutch more easyer to use.
  4. sokristi

    sokristi Guest

    Seen this also. In my case Flask wouldn't produce a "drop-down" from where to choose the proper codec. I did however manage to flip through the installed codecs by using the "down" arrow on the keyboard. When it then displays the right codec, you can then proceed to do the set-up of the codec.
    Why do you use Flask? There are so many other good programs (like for instance Virtualdub) that do the job better!
  5. supered69

    supered69 Guest

    Thanks sokristi!!
    That was it !! so simple...now i can get lots of codecs..


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