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Video Creation Problems - Audio off sync

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by JordanC1, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. JordanC1

    JordanC1 Guest

    Hi there

    After following advice from other threads I found I still had problems with my mpt v3.11.

    I take an AVI file and put it into the Multimedia video suite part of MPT. I convert it the way your supposed to i believe, save to pc as 3gp and then transfer to phone. Well I do all this and the file transfers to my phone but there's one pretty significant problem!!

    Everytime the file copies over the audio is totally out of sync. The first time the video ran slowly while the audio carried on at normal speed. I have tried savin as mp4 also using user defined settings and this time the audio was out of sync by "skitting" and "jumping".

    All i want is for this vid to play in sync, its only short but its funny and worth putting on my phone so now I'm starting to get a little frustrated!!

    Somebody please help me. :(

    Thank you
  2. JordanC1

    JordanC1 Guest

    Ps. My phone is the V80
  3. mossyy

    mossyy Regular member

    Dec 23, 2004
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    whats the size of the video?? can u send it over by the email and i'll try to fix it.......
  4. JordanC1

    JordanC1 Guest

    Original MPG file size is 11.7mb.

    I can email if you wish, PM with addy. TY!

    Whats max display playback size on the V80?

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