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VIDEO DVD working, Data DVD *not* working

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Flagman, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Flagman

    Flagman Guest

    I have a Pioneer 106burner with latest firmware.
    Xp with latest Aspi.
    my problem is that when i write simple datas on any DVD-R (Princo, That's write, Verbatim)(tried UDF, ISO, UDF/ISO - Nero, Stomp Recordnow max 4.5)these discs are not readable by other PC DVD drives.
    i tried :
    ...on my PC and on others PCs too.

    Some of these drives show me the files , but most of these are corrupted and it hangs.
    The only hardware capable of reading perfectly those discs are my Recorder and the Xbox(Samsung drive inside)

    The strange thing is that when i burn Video DVDs, containing VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS, the Dvd-r (same brand)works perfectly on all readers....
    Isn't it UDF/ISO too?We'r talking of files, what is the difference?Why DVD-R with a movie on it works perfectly?
    Can't understand..
    Any advice?
  2. alleng1

    alleng1 Guest


    When you say you write data to disks are you talking about writing data using your a dvd disk or a CD disk like a floppy? In other words are you using InCD or another packet writing software that came with your burner? If so that is something I ran into also.

    I have Nero which came with my burner and have 1 CD disk that I use to store files on as I would a floppy. Since I can store up to 800Mb's on it compared too 100Mb's using my Iomega I thought that I could burn data at home and then bring those files to work and copy them to a pc I was working on. Here is what happend.

    I downloaded a video driver at home over a weekend and burned it on my CD data disk which is mounted in UDF format using InCD. When I tried to read and copy the file on a pc I was working on it could not read it. When I tried to burn it on a data CD using Nero it also could not read it. The problem was that I didn't burn it as a data CD using Nero. I burned it as a floppy data file using InCD as the writer. Here's how I solved it.

    We have a licensed copy of Nero for work and on it is a Reader Program which allows one to read data CD's mounted using packet writing software on a pc that has a packet writing reader program installed on it. Once I installed the reader program on the pc we use for burning I was able to read and write the file onto my word CD I use to load drivers for various hardware {I.E... Video, Sound, Network cards etc...etc...}.

    I'm not sure if this will help or not, but I didn't see any other responces to your question. What I do at work is when I burn a file that is needed{so I don't have too look for it again in case I have another pc with the same card}I don't save the changes. This way the CD isn't closed and all files burned will be seen when viewing the CD. If you save the changes you will only see the last change made and nothing else on the CD will be viewable when you access it on your pc. When you use packet writing software to save data files all files will be viewable on your pc, but not on any other pc unless there is a packet writing reader installed on them.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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