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Video quality problems with JVC GRD90?

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by tjh79, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. tjh79

    tjh79 Guest

    Anyone else out there share my low opinion of the JVC?

    I sell camcorders and have had three customers recently return these cameras. The last one was a couple who had shopped our store several times before making a selection and I wanted them to be as happy as I am with my camcorder, a Sony TRV10.

    So when they returned with disappointment on their faces I hooked up the camera to a TV in the store using a Monster2 S-Video and played their tape. Wow, to be blunt, it sucked! It was very grainy with blurring effects during motion sequences (a dance recital), nothing like my Sony. I pulled out another GRD90, same result. I shot some video in the store, same result.

    I have now read some customer comments on retail sites that confirm this result. The JVC apparently performs very poorly in low light situations which is going to be the case with a high percentage of home video enthusiasts.

    Based on this experience, I can't with good conscience continue to recommend this camera to customers. Any differing opinions and recommendations out there?
  2. lcoutu

    lcoutu Member

    Feb 28, 2004
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    HI! I think you are right. Unfortunately.
    Just 5 days ago I bought a JVC GR-DV500u Digital mini camcorder. Feature-wise, had everything I needed (except firewire cable which I had to buy separately) : usb, mic, firewire ports.... I paid a lot for this thing; I used it to transfer old movies to dvd engraving.
    When I tried it to record just ordinary everyday life scenes....I realized ...I find the picture to be of poor quality....never mind the sound, which is pathetic!!!! I am going crazy. I think I will return this. I expected this mini digital camcorder to offer at least the same image and sound quality of my old plain Sony
    camcorder! I have also read other reviews from professionals
    for Canon and Sony mini camcorders and they find the same
    "shortcomings". What is going on??? Are they all like that?

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