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Video sound problem

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by krufto, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. krufto

    krufto Guest

    I have an avi video that I want to put subtitles on but when i open it with virtualdub it says " VirtualDub has detected an improper vbr audio encoding in the source avi file and will rewrite the audio header with standard cbr values during processing for better compatibility. This may introduce up to 29863 ms of skew from the video stream. If this is unacceptable, decompress the entiire audio stream to an uncompressed wave file and recompress with a constant bitrate encoder(bitrate:88.5 (some symbol) 13.0kbs)". Whenever the video plays in the preview the sound isnt in tune with the video. Can anyone tell me what to do because i really want to see this video.thx.
  2. krufto

    krufto Guest

    Can someone please help cause i cant seem to find any solutions anywhere that work.
  3. krufto

    krufto Guest

    Ok one solution i found is to use the virtualdub mod. When i open it with that it says the same thing but it asks if i still want to rewrite the header. When i pick yes it doesnt play syncronized and it playes choppy but if i pick no it plays choppy and repeats a part of the sound over and over and sometimes crashes?!?! Can someone please help me!

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