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Video_TS restrictions for imported VTS in DVD-A

Discussion in 'High resolution audio' started by wilkes, Sep 1, 2004.

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    May 31, 2003
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    Sorry about the long-winded title here, but I thought that this may be of help to some folks authoring hybrid DVD-A discs.

    VIDEO_TS Restrictions for Video Links

    When a VIDEO_TS is used for a Video, the following restrictions should be observed for the contents of the VIDEO_TS:

    VMG (Video Manager)

    The Video Manager is used when the disc is played in a DVD-Video player. The following VMG restrictions should be observed:

    • No Region Management.
    • No Parental Management.
    • Text Data Manager should not be specified.

    VTS (Video Title Set)

    VTS titles shall be linked from the DVD-Audio playlist.

    A Video Title may be specified in conjunction with an Audio Title for a playlist item. In this case, the Video Title will be played on video-capable players, and the Audio Title will be played on audio-only players (e.g. portable or car players).

    If only a Video Title is specified for a playlist item, the title will only be accessible from a video-capable player.

    The Video Title (and VTS to which it belongs) should observe the following restrictions:

    • A Title shall consist of one Program Chain (PGC), and should not be a PGC Block. The Title shall be set for Sequential playback.
    • Pre-Command, Post-Command, and Cell-Command shall not be specified, except for the “CallSS from TT_DOM (title domain) to VMGM_DOM (vmg domain)” in the Post-Command area. This command will only used by DVD-Video players, and ignored by DVD-Audio players.
    • Availability control of User Operations, Audio Streams, and Sub-picture Streams should not be specified. These features will always be available.
    • Cell Stills and VOBU Stills shall not be defined.
    • Number of audio streams shall be 1 or 2, with one stream being Linear PCM or AC-3 (if playlist title only consists of Video Title).
    • Cell blocks (e.g. different Angles) may be specified if the playlist title consists of only the Video Title.
    • Some Button Commands are restricted. The available commands for a Video Title are LinkPGCN, LinkCN, LinkSIns(PG, C), COMP_LinkPGN, COMP_LinkCN, COMP_LinkSIns(PG, C), SetSTN, Set, COMP_SetSTN, SetSTN_LinkPGN, SetSTN_LinkCN, SetSTN_LinkSIns(PG, C), Set_LinkPGN, Set_LinkCN, Set_LinkSIns(PG, C)
    • The Navigation Timer should not be used.

    Any questions.....

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