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Videora Converting Problem

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by ivan2108, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. ivan2108

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    Apr 1, 2005
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    I recently installed Videora to convert video files I ripped using DVD Decrypter to put in my Iphone. Tried converting under normal mode but soon as converting reaching 100% full bar, the program still continued to run. The bar indicator is already full stating that the conversion was already 100% but there still was activity with the numbers. The tranfer rate, bit rate figures and all that still kept running and I'm not sure why. Anybody know why this is happening? Thanks.
  2. wayneabe

    wayneabe Guest

    if your having problems with the videora iphone converter i suggest you uninstall it. download and install the videora Apple TV converter 2.25 instead (its also on the same download page at redkawa.com). you might think its only for the apple TV but it also has encoders for the iphone, ipod, psp, xbox 360 and PS3.

    don't forget to uninstall the videora iphone converter before you install the videora apple tv converter.

    run the program, create a new profile in the settings tab. use the iPhone 1-pass - FFmpeg MINB encoder. enter the amount of time in seconds (of your video) in the encoding duration field. So if your video is 2 hrs 9 min 5 sec,

    (120 + 9) x 60 = 7740 sec + 5 sec = 7745 sec. Enter 7745 sec in the encoding duration field


    Sometimes the programs that merge vobs (especially DVDs) get the timecode (timestamp?) mixed up so videora takes longer than normal.

    try uninstalling videora ipod converter and download videora apple tv converter (on the same download page) instead.
    i have other settings in Red Kawa Forum thread. click here.

    i got crop values for removing the black bars from DVD videos in the post too.

    i posted jpgs of the profile i used.
  3. wayneabe

    wayneabe Guest

    and don't use the video wizard in videora apple tv converter. just click the convert tab, click 'convert video', enter video title, choose the new profile you created, click start.

  4. wayneabe

    wayneabe Guest

    here is a 10 second sample of a video i converted. click here.
    i used the settings i posted at redkawa.com

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