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Virgin xb want softmod solution and 40gig+ hd

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by creol, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. creol

    creol Guest

    My xbox is V1.6 I have read about many different softmods, however i am very confused. I was leaning towards using xboxhdm. I am waiting for a usb connector that i bought online.

    By the way please do not just tell me to go to xbox-scene.com I have been there for days reading and have noticed that most of the info is for more experienced modders. Tuts contain may assumtions that the reader knows which hd they are refering to or file locations etc...

    The big questions....

    1. Can I take out my HD now and use Ghost or something to move it to the 40gig hd? (Can I do this before I get my usb connector?)

    2. What is with the HD locking? Where can I read more detailed info about it?

    3. Does anyone have experience with xbox/mythtv? I would really like to make my xbox a dvr. I am confused how the connection works, ie. tuner, Video in/out.

    Hey thanks in advance and for being patient with a noob.
  2. sjchu

    sjchu Regular member

    May 19, 2004
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    1. No, because your HDD is locked. You cannot read anything out of it until it's unlocked. to unlock it, you need the key, the key is not obtainable until you hacked the xbox.
    2. xbox uses a ATA command to set password protect the hdd. Everytime you turn on the power, the hdd will not respond to any command until a correct password is supplied with proper command sequence. The password is generated from the combination of the serial number of the hdd and a key that is unique to the xbox. That is why when you move the locked hdd to another xbox, you will not be able to unlock it. Error 5/6 on the screen.
    3. xbox does not have video In, nor does it have a tuner. THe only option is to use an external box via the USB port. with usb 1.1, you will not get good resolution or framerate.
  3. creol

    creol Guest

    Hey thanks for the info. I did the softmod yesterday. I am very pleased. :) I was able to do it without an mem card. I used the instructions found here:

    My next step is to upgrade the HD.

    By the way anyone who is not sure they want to MOD the XBOX.... DO IT!!!! You will never regret it, (unless you screw it up I guess)

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