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Virtual Dub help

Discussion in 'Subtitle help' started by dhruvj, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. dhruvj

    dhruvj Guest

    hi, i'm using vdub1.7 edition ... I 've a video to edit.. and I want to give more than 2 effects in a single video at 2 different portion of the video..I select the part of the video where I wanno apply the effect I select the filter check the preview it goes fine but as soon as I aplly the second filetr to another part of the video it gives only the last used filter..it never gives me the first edited part.. can anyone please help me with it
  2. magus7091

    magus7091 Regular member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    I don't use virtualdub so I'm not 100% sure if there's any other way to do this but one thing that should work would be to do the first, save it, then add additional ones.

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