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Volume louder please !!! HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by KITCAT12, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. KITCAT12

    KITCAT12 Guest

    Hellow everyone i am new to this forum..... my only question is...How can i make a BURNED DVD play louder? like i burned a DVD TORRENT movie yesterday...but when i put it in my sony DVD player...it was REALLY DARN LOW..i could barely here anything....Well in my ConvertXtoDVD software i already set my audio to the MAX ...but that does not seam to work......

    Does anybody have or know of any software i need to download to change the VOLUME of my movies??

    Thanks a BUNCH...i really need help fast...

  2. VanillaS2

    VanillaS2 Member

    Jul 16, 2007
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    i guess you can try demuxing (splitting) the video stream from audio, make the audio louder and rebuild the DVD. There might be a much simpler way though, You can look for some sort of a DVD studio, im sure they have something to edit the volume.

    EDIT: Or better yet, if the original file wasn't a dvd. Then just make that file's audio louder and burn a new dvd
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