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VSO DivxToDVD help

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by ckh33, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. ckh33

    ckh33 Guest

    i had these videos i wanted to burn to a dvd. so i use VSO DivxToDVD and it works. but i dont know how to combine them together. i tried VCDCut Pro V4.15 but that didnt work at all. anyone have any oher suggestions? plesae help.
  2. Marcus26

    Marcus26 Guest

    Hi, still pretty new to this myself but you could try using dvd santa to join the files. I think this should work but it can take quite abit of time cos of encoding to dvd again.

    Can only try

    see ya
  3. Cosmo1111

    Cosmo1111 Regular member

    Sep 27, 2004
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  4. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    I've found using [free] VSO DivxToDVD conversion tool, and the [free] shrink/nero combination in re-author mode, will solve most yer problems.

    I go for fee, because I'm really mean.

    gringle :)
  5. TahoePro

    TahoePro Guest

    i d/l the program and when i try to install it it says the setup files are corrupted please obtain a new copuy of the program
  6. RussReef

    RussReef Guest

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