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Want To Know How To Format Your Player?

Discussion in 'Portable audio players' started by bulldogz, May 15, 2007.

  1. bulldogz

    bulldogz Guest

    Hey everyone.If you have been experiencing the following:

    1. You've bought a mpx player larger than 2 GigaBytes capacity (eg 4GB, 8GB, 60GB, etc). Not limiting to larger than 2GB, smaller capacity (eg 512MB, 1GB, etc) players are also subjected to possible memory hacks.
    However, recently i've realised that the Actions chipset does support upto 4GB (2x2GB). Also, there were some unconfirmed news of genuine 4GB players.
    2. You just bought a new player.
    3. You are experiencing "Format Error" messages when adding or accessing music/videos on your player.
    4. You are experiencing frequent Player Restarts (hanging on the hourglass) when playing certain songs.
    5. Your player duplicates the music/video files that you add to it.
    6. Your player does not allow you to move/delete files that you have copied to it.

    Then the best thing to do would be to format it.Heres why:
    1. Not formatting will only cause you ALOT of trouble and hassels in the future.
    2. Not formatting increases the chance of killing your player in future, and you will need to perform the "Dead Player Recovery".
    3. Ensures that what you have bought, is of the actual memory capacity.
    4. If it is a gift for someone, you don't want them to come back to you with the above mentioned problems.

    Don't worry.You will not:
    # Lose any firmware/theme related files.
    # You will not accidentally kill your player whilst doing so (unless you unplug or disconnect your player during the format process).

    STEP 1
    Back Up All Your Data Before Proceeding! This Guide Will Clear Everything In Your Player's Memory Chip!

    Install MP3 Utilities, any version will do. It usually comes on the CD with the player, or you can download version 3.68 here.

    STEP 2
    Start up MP3 Utilities Disk Tool.
    You will be shown a screen like this: [​IMG]
    Ensure that you select LOW Format Type.

    Next, go to the Partition and Encrypt tab as shown below.
    Now, slide the Partition Slider all the way to the Right.
    You will notice the "Setting encrypted disk capacity" increases, it is normal.
    In this screen, you will also notice the first signs of a hacked memory. After sliding the slider to the right, you should see the actual capacity of the memory chip in the Partition box.

    *NOTE* Ensure That You Do Not Click The "Set Username And Password", Leave It UNTICKED.

    Next, click on Start to begin the format and partition process. You will be presented with a dialog box like below, click on Yes to proceed.
    It will take a few moments for the process to complete. You will notice that your player would disconnect from the computer, and then re-connect back again.

    You will be presented with the "Complete setting disk partition!" dialog box like below.

    STEP 3
    Go to My Computer and check that now you will two memory drives for your player. You might need to click Refresh or press F5.
    One of which would be small (about 17MB), and the other would be the remaining memory capacity.
    *note* it seems that some members reported that they do not see this extra drive appearing. Do not worry if it does not appear, just continue to proceed with the guide.

    Now, go back to the Partition and Encrypt tab.
    Slide the Partition slider to the Left, and click on Start.

    You will repeat the process and the "Complete setting disk partition!" dialog box would appear.
    Check in My Computer that now you will only have One single memory drive for your player. Right click on it and select Properties, this is your actual real memory capacity.
    Now check your player's Memory Info for the correct memory display.
    To access this, go to your player's SYS TOOL >> MEMORY INFO.
    Your player should display the actual memory size that you have just checked.
    Check if the percentage is at 0%. If it is, you can skip Step 4 below, and continue to Step 5.

    STEP 4
    If your player's Memory Info does not show 0%, you will need to complete the below procedure.

    Right click on your player's memory drive, and select Format.


    Now a new windows format screen would appear.
    Select FAT in the File System dropdown menu.
    If after completing Step 3, your player really does have 4GB of memory, then you need to select FAT32 instead. As FAT only supports upto 2GB.
    Click on Start to begin on the format process.

    A warning will appear for the format, click on OK to continue.
    Wait for a few moments while Windows formats your player.
    When completed, check your player's Memory Info again, it should display 0% now.

    STEP 5
    Once completed, sit back and start copying music/video files to your player and enjoy your stuff! Very Happy

    To further verify your player's real memory size, you can open up the player, and check for the memory chip's serial number. The list of serial numbers can be found here.

    Listen everybody.If your player is a hack this process will fix it back to it's normal size so if it shrinks it's for the better.
    For more information you can go to the home of where I got this from.Here's the link.
    I posted this to save you guys the trouble of going to the website yourself.Hope it helps!
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  2. panesingh

    panesingh Regular member

    Aug 28, 2006
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    would i have to do this if i just bought my mp3 player from a retail store (London Drugs) and it works fine (it says its a 2 gb player and goes up to 2 gb well 1.85 gb)??

  3. bulldogz

    bulldogz Guest

    Yeah I reckon you can as I have done it and my one is 1gb.
  4. Esam123

    Esam123 Member

    May 17, 2007
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    hey all please help
    first of all i have upgraded my player by a wrong firmware , then i have done some things and luckily my pc has read it as a storage disk
    well, my mp4 is 8GB and it shows only 2GB (1.90GB) and can't do anything with it

    I FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS EEEXXXAACCTTLLYY as it's simple but all i got is the same size (2GB)
    and by the way i tried it twice
    first time the second drive appeared and i did what the instructions say
    second time the second drive didn't appear but the formatting process took a bit long (calculating : writing system area , reading system area and was showing ...%)
    but my problem is i have the same size
    any help will be soo appreciated
  5. bulldogz

    bulldogz Guest

    Well If your saying that your player was 8gb and is now 2gb then this means that your player was hacked.

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