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Wasted DVD-rs !!!!1

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by drbgt3, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. drbgt3

    drbgt3 Member

    Sep 23, 2004
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    My is it that for every 4 dvds it burn i get one error in the middle of burning it and that causes it to stop burning and the dvd-r becomes useless with only half the info for the DVD????? I am using the program that came with my laptop called Drag and Drop cd and dvd. Do you think that it is the program that is doing this or does this happen to everyone. Either way i am just tired of wasting DVD-r becuase they are not that cheap! If someone could help me out that would be great!
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  2. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    Well; before I came here the only thing I knew about burning was, Bonfire Night, and the odd insurance fraud/fiddle.

    Thur's some wicked/folk in here with brains beyond comprehesion. ( fusk that )

    Don't panic write nice an' cool.

    Above this page, at the top are links written by folk, what tell...........the way things are done.


    gringle frum the dark-side.


    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]give instuction to a wise man. Then he will become wiser, give instruction to a fool. Then he will become wiser. It's all about time.. [thet slanty-eyed bloke I used to read][/small]
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  3. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    it would be nice if for once when some one has a query that they actually take some time with there post and can explain what the problem or what error code they are getting.


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