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web pages and etal. saved to CD-R

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by anonmouse, May 29, 2003.

  1. anonmouse

    anonmouse Guest

    Roxio, the mfg. preinstalled CD-RW to Toshiba SDR-2212 CDRW-DVD drive strips off stuff, when I use CD-R for online email and saved to hard drive web pages.

    I do 'loads of research, and I save web pages to the hard drive. I have also saved online email to hard drive.

    Now, that I have a CD-RW drive I want to move this stuff over to CD-R, and CD-RW media.

    The mfg preinstalled Roxio is bad for CD-RW having made coasters, and lost my work, and strips off something so saved internet pages will not display content, graphics for that web page, but not content.

    Clone CD isn't working on this Toshiba SDR-2212 CDRW/DVD combo drive, although their website asks you to try even if the drive is not listed.

    I have downloaded Nero trialware, because it lists this drive.

    But, before I go further ..install, and see if another one will do it ..and try another ..and another ..alcohol maybe ..whatever.

    I would like to know if there is one software that will do it all ?

    1. save and CD-R (or CD-RW) internet web pages.

    2. save and CD-R (or CD-RW) folders of freeware and shareware software I have collected for careful comparison later.

    3. save and CD-R (or CD-RW) photographic or web images from my screensaver HypersnapDX or dvd images from my screensaver PowerDVD 4.0 XP.

    4. save and CD-R (or CD-RW) streaming audio files from QCD3 player, "quinnware" on the web, including Ogg vorbis, MADD, FLAD, MP3.

    5. save and CD-R (or CD-RW) divx files.

    6. do stuff, described in the forum, maybe later if I an interested, like play games from a RAM hard drive !

    Anyway, my list, is in order of importance.

    But, I do also want to have "recovery CD's and "boot CD's" for disaster recovery. I forgot that, on "my list".

    I am such a beginner, at this, I don't even know if I disable "autoplay" in XP Pro I will not be able to boot from CD. I have also been told, at another forum, to "turn off" the mfg's CD-RW program, and at other forums to uninstall it.

    But, this all seems like a reasonable question, because my computer notebook was replaced, under warranty, partly because the CD-RW drive was useless.

    I am not going to "tinker" this time.

    And, there seems to be more expertise, at this forum.
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Use a free burning software called BurnAtOnce. Very rarily will you find a great "all in one" burning application these days. Many pc\audio games cd protected and we have to rely on Alcohol 120 or BlindWrite to make a working backup. On the audio end, i like EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to make backups of audio cd's.
    Alcohol 120:http://www.alcohol-software.com/

    I don't use cdrw's as they tend to lock up my pc from time to time.

    Shoey :)_X_X_X_X_X_[small]Certified Computer Technician
    Main Website^ (Afterdawn)
    Forum Rules^
    Mobo: KT4VL MSI-6712
    CPU: AthlonXP Barton 2.5
    Ram: 512 SD-DDR[/small]
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  3. anonmouse

    anonmouse Guest

    I 'understand CDRW has to be a packet-type writing software, maybe that goes to the problem you have seen.

    I have marked the links, and will search for compatibility to this brand drive.

    Maybe I would be happy with some 'backup software for my 'number 1 item, that is, keeping web pages saved to disk, moved on to CD-R.

    The first one I looked at, had another strong opinion about the ASPI version.

    Whew, this seems like a complex subject.
  4. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Not really m8. The price of cd-r's are very cheap these days so you can burn all your "data" (web pages, images) to 1 cd-r. I save many application programs and have about 10 discs full and I continually update. I save to a folder until it gets to about 695 megabytes then burn to a cd-r& label. As far as audio, you can create an MP3 library (like I did) and do some cd copy to cd's. I'm not a big fan on packet writing software but nothing wrong if you wan't to go that route. In case your pc crashes?, well consider an external hd m8.

    Shoey :)
  5. anonmouse

    anonmouse Guest

    yes, i purchase in 50 packs.

    have you put web pages on CD-R, without losing the content ?
  6. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    for you to understand your problem you need to know abit about how webpages work! i build websites so i can see a dilemma for you here!

    webpages have links in links which means if you save the page you are looking at, you also need to save all its content links to for offline viewing! basically pictures downloads and most important its folder tree it uses to access the files!

    you could go into the webpage and rewrite linking files? so all use from same folder on cdr!

    instead of this then for website link picture:


    you need to relink in webpage to:


    please take note of HTML markup language

    <a href="/"><img src="http://i.afterdawn.com/logos/lg_afterdawn.gif" width=133 height=18 alt="forums.afterdawn.com" border="0" hspace="10"></a>

    then for all in one folder or cdr it would look like this:

    <a href="/"><img src="http://i.afterdawn.com/lg_afterdawn.gif" width=133 height=18 alt="forums.afterdawn.com" border="0" hspace="10"></a>

    taking out "logo" folder! as this wouldnt be saved...

    NOTE you must collect all files in said folder and put them all in one folder or cdr and change linking to work!!

    hope this helps?

    i must lye down now LOL

  7. anonmouse

    anonmouse Guest

    I didn't save my online email to disk, because the text (content) was a link to somewhere else ?! hmm.

    I have forwarded it, nowadays, into my real ISP email, because the ISP added antivirus and filters, so now maybe I really have my email text (content) ? hmm.

    Now, it's Outlook Express. grr.

    I don't see them 'somewhere.

    And the real email is piling up.

    It's from computer pals and amateur radio pals with loads of useful information I want to reference in categories.

    I had heard something about 'harvesting websites off the internet, one and two links deep.

    I thought if I saved the webpage links down one or two links, I wanted, I had everything, but ..unless I look at 'source ..I may or I may not have saved the webpage I see to disk.

    I thought the problem was the little Roxio message I thought I could select "skip" ..

    In Explorer, during the send to E:/ (wizard writing to the CD-R, next step) it said "there was a problem, do you want to send anyway ?" and I said, yes.

    I can drag and drop it there. I can copy it there. I can send it there.

    E:/drive on this computer notebook, in XP Pro and the selected webpages are on the C:/ hard drive in a folder. I had viewed some. Looked fine.

    Naturally, I thought something was being stripped off.

    I had looked at some, I don't remember of email or webpages, at E:/ and looked fine.

    Then, I got out the CD-R I made, and they were all unusable, all of them, nothing but the headers and tables and sparse graphics.

    I was certain the 'process ruined the content.

    You have clarified that problem considerably.

    Does this detail clarify it more ?

  8. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    yes i can see you know whats going on..

    also to note is any java apps or scripts running from files...these include .cabs .jars

    one way i suppose is to add the webpage link to favourites then empty the temp internet folder and then click the page!

    let it load and when its finished copy all contents to a folder - you should have all then except maybe some server apps like search engines and alike that run from server based files that you dont see!

    so put in favourites all links empty temp internet folder then click and load all sites then save contents of folder to cdr?

  9. anonmouse

    anonmouse Guest

    Great idea !

    I was trying to remember the names of the website 'harvesting programs, WebCow ? but I have been in my Internet Temp folder before, to 'rescue some streaming audio before I figured out how to save to file in QCD player.

    That is a nifty way, to do it. Thank you.

    The other post makes me think CDRW, should be on a separate drive !

    Also, I do find the different ASPI requirements of each different CD-R software disconcerting.

    I think I was smart, not to just jump right in again, trying out everything CD-R software I would come across.
  10. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    i know what you mean on aspi i have aspi layer 4.71.2a loaded now just installed xp pro to 2 new raid 80 gig sata150 drives and found that clony does not like the new aspi! so had to take neros own from its folder drop a copy into clony folder and now it works!

    the software i come to love and use most is nero for me!

    game backups i use blindwrite mostly and alcohol

    **thx to shoey for the knowledge on usage!**

    on the temp folder thing you may need to change linkage abit?

  11. anonmouse

    anonmouse Guest

    I was afraid of that ..change linkage a bit

    I am a rank beginner at HTML, etal.

    I did find WebAttack website downloaders, http://www.webattack.com/Freeware/downloader/fwoffline.shtml

    Maybe Getleft or WinHTTrack are helpful.

    I may find a goldmine, but I still have to be selective.

    I also get inspired, and will hit paydirt in the various search engines.

    I am not thinking HTML code, at the time.

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