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weird problem using relax shares over lan

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by iberator, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. iberator

    iberator Guest


    maybe you have an idea to solve a problem I have. I have set up a relax server with some shares on my pc-server. Now when I connect to the pc I can get 1 (no more) directory to be displayed .. for instance my mp3 collection ,when I then go back to the mainmenu and enter the movie directory it stays empty, when I then go back to my mp3 dir that one is empty too. I then have to restart relax and I can get 1 directory on my xbox again. I have tried the executable and intalling the service. I have tried different networkcards, a new switch and new cables. FTP is working fine, and when I stay in the mp3 dir, which I can connect to 1 time.. everything seems to work great.

    Hope you can help me with this .. I am out of ideas.


  2. Xboxidus

    Xboxidus Guest

    you most likely have your shares set up wrong and the My Music directory you see is actually @C:\My Music
    that directory and
    C:\my pictures
    C:\my videos
    are set up as directorys to ftp if you copied and pasted from the instructions at the xbox media player website- to your setup file

    if im right then you could just put your files in there and leave the setup file as is

    hope i helped

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