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what can you do when you xbox is chipped

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by joonambi, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. joonambi

    joonambi Guest

    please answer
  2. djboogie

    djboogie Regular member

    Oct 26, 2003
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    well you could go watch a movie, or make a cup of tea
    hehe ok just jkin
    This is what I do with mine
    have 5 dashboards (if you include the MS one)
    with dashboard selector
    have a 250gb 7200 rpm hdd (fan increased by bios)
    IGR (IGR= VERY HANDY in game reset)
    Create your own menu system, even have your name on there (easy to do with the ini file)
    Select how stuff is stored to various partitions (c:\ e:\ f:\ g:\)(I leave e:\ game saves partition alone usually)
    Have the CPU temp, MOBO temp, time, date, etc etc viewable from the main menu (pretty handy)
    play any kind of media (divx etc, dvd, region free and no remote etc etc)if you use media centre you can stream with your pc and xbox
    store /play games,(pxhddloader,dvd2xbox, complex tools are the ones I use)
    play backup games (obvious one!)
    Backup games to disc or hard drive
    use game patches, change games (the most popular game"hack" is the doa vollyball nude one)
    have 8 emulators (thousands of old school roms)
    make your own skins (for all kinds of apps)
    save files to my old laptop that has no dvd (use xbox dvd and connect via ftp)
    store and play music
    I would use linksbox browser but I live out in the sticks (grrr no high speed)
    sort and view all your files using the various file browser apps that are available.
    Theres lots of stuff you can do, even mess with alt OS n Linux on your xbox. Theres also ways to get a keyboard and mouse to your box etc
    the newer chips such as the xecuter 2.6 also have HDD and LAN led indicator lights, which I find real useful (I dont have to turn the tv over when Im installing games, to see if its finished)
    Theres also stuff like tunneling, and
    with the new generation modchips you can really get into development more too.
    Theyre bringin out new stuff all the time, its easily the most "expandable" console ever. Well worth modding , I wouldnt have it any other way:)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2004
  3. joonambi

    joonambi Guest

    thanks for that ive desided im getting mine chipped.y

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