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What do I do??? .LCD & .ICO

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by genesia, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. genesia

    genesia Guest

    I downloaded a game and after unzipping, I now have 2 files. One 760meg .LCD file and a small .ICO file . Could someone help me out and tell me what programme I need to burn or encode?
  2. Dark007

    Dark007 Guest

    I've never seen a .LCD file, but I know about an .ICO File. It is a CD Image. You can use Nero Burning ROM.

    If you have it, open it up. Cancel the wizard ( Or CD Option Box) Go to File >> Burn Image and select your ISO. Then a dialouge box will give you some options. Check the unchecked Raw Data box, and click OK. I don't know how you will get it to fit if the ISO is 760mb. I am having a similar problem, but with a BIN file. Anyways, everything should be done automatically. The ISO image will create the CD layout and includes everything needed. Hope that helps.
  3. fanelaru

    fanelaru Guest

    The image cd is CD Space.
    You can burn it with dupler v2.77
    Bad news! this program is in korean language!!!

    good luck!!!

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