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what do i need to mod my xbox

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by dance916, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. dance916

    dance916 Guest

    i have an xbox and i want to add a hard drive but i don't no what i need can some one please help me ? thank you
  2. sjchu

    sjchu Regular member

    May 19, 2004
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    1) Find out what version of xbox you have.
    2) If you have a v1.6, you definitely need a modchip, older version xbox can do without
    3) Depends on your budget and your skill, decide what modchip to go, or reflash you onboard TSOP
    4) once you have a modded BIOS in your xbox either on TSOP or modchip, you can replace your HDD.
  3. dance916

    dance916 Guest

    is it hard to do or can anyone do it ?
  4. Kenner95

    Kenner95 Member

    Jan 25, 2003
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    If you have the means ( and are fairly intelligent) go ahead purchase a solderless modchip and read the guides on the specific chip you purchase. Searching for info is easy on GOOGLE. Simply type in a SPECIFIC phrase like "Where can I find X2 3983 Xecuter Bios".. and you will have many links and for sure at lease one of them will send you to the right place.

    1. Know what version Xbox you have. 1.6 is the latest If you have 1.6 you must use a modchip and bios that says they work with 1.6

    2. Decide on either a solder or non-solder modchip. I have modded xboxes with Matrix, X-B.I.T., Xenium and Xecuter 2.b lite. Out of all, the X-B.I.T. is the one that caused me trouble because the wires would not stay connected and the dipswitches are way too small. I now have a Xenium ICE that I will get around to installing.

    3. Find a bios and Dashboard at the usual places. www.xboxstation or xbins or GOOGLE. If plan on using a harddrive larger than 137G there is a patch you must install to the dashboard you are going to use.

    4. Find programs such as Nero 6 Ultra, FlashFXP, xISO or Craxtion and slayers auto-installerv2.5final or v2.6 can be found on Filetopia and many p2p, IRC sites.

    Nero 6 is used to burn xbox ISO files to a DVD-R

    FlashFXP is used to transfer files to and from your xbox

    xISO and Craxtion are used to create ISO files from original games. They also extract compress ISO files found online.

    Slayers evox auto-installer replaces the need to make a seperate dashboard boot cd. Burn this to a Memorex CD-RW. It will install all the required applications such as dashboards,Harddrive loader, Meadia Player ect. V2.6 includes the many retro game emulators such as PSOne, N64, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, MAME Coin-Op arcade ect. It also has the updated harddrive loader. If you can't find x2.6 then these applications must be FTPed into your xbox manually.

  5. dance916

    dance916 Guest

    thank you

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