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What does error #16 mean?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by MIGHTYMAX, May 3, 2004.



    I just removed my executer chio so I could go online with my Xbox, but now every time I boot It says error# 16, my xbox needs service. Also I tried booting it with the hard drive from my brothers Xbox, still no joy. Any Ideas how to fix this???
  2. iggi

    iggi Member

    Oct 18, 2003
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    err0r 16 is a dashboard error.

  3. tart

    tart Guest

    I get Error 16! What do I do?
    Error 16... EXPLAINED...
    Yes, it is a DASH ERROR, but it is due to the TIME
    1.Xbox turns on
    2. several checks are done for hardware, incuding RAM, HD, and DVD-DRIVE, just to test if they are present
    3.Xbox checks SYSTEM TIME -> if no time is found -> boot dash off hard drive to set time
    4. Xbox looks for default.xbe on DISC, if it is not found, goto 5
    5. Xbox boots dash off of Hard drive

    What is happening in your case:
    1.Xbox turns on
    2. several checks are done for hardware, incuding RAM, HD, and DVD-DRIVE, just to test if they are present
    3.Xbox checks SYSTEM TIME ->TIME NOT FOUND -> Xbox tries to launch dash off of hard drive -> DASH NOT FOUND-> ERROR 16 - DASH ERROR

    The fix:
    Put back in your OLD drive (the one with the dash's still on it)
    Set the time
    Swap the drives without physically unplugging the xbox.

    If this won't help check out the Xbox-scene forum, it will.

  4. shdwsfall

    shdwsfall Regular member

    Jan 3, 2004
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    hmm, or he could simply use his evox boot disk and ftp his backup of the original dahsboard to his hard drive, then use evox to get to the msdash and set the time...that way he saves haveing to open up his xbox, and swapping things around while the power is still on...which i wouldnt reccomend...
  5. omac2nv

    omac2nv Member

    Jun 24, 2004
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    i get error 16 Service required. Call Customer Support.
    So you have an error 16 uh? Don't worry "nothing" is broken!

    You have an xbox hdd that is locked. And normally you can boot in original and modded mode. Retail or Upgraded doesnt matter. You start playing around with msdashboard.xbe default.xbe that sort off stuff using ftp programs. While doing this you "accidently" remove your msdashboard and also the evo-x dashboard so there is no dash anymore on the xbox hdd. You end the ftp session and after that you shut off your xbox. Normally when you would start up again it gives you an error 13/14 ( no dashboard found). No worries with a slayer evo-x cd all is ok. BUT this is only WITHIN 3 hours or so.

    This is becuz the internal clock of the xbox will only be kept alive by the condensators for only 3 hours or 4 . So when you leave your xbox unplugged form electricity for over 5 hours after you have played with the .xbe's AND you have removed your (ms and evox)dash from your xbox than you are fux0red. Why do you ask?
    Why can't i boot from cd?

    Its as follows
    Xbox starts booting==> (almost 1st thing a xbox does is) searches for internal clock==> doesnt find internal clock becuz there hasnt been any electricity on the xbox for 5 hours so battery that kept clock alive is empty and clock is gone.==> searches for the proper dashboard menu to set clock with ==> doesnt find msdashboard or evo-x dashboard menu becuz you d*mbo have removed it from the hdd for whatever reasons you had==>xbox gives error 16: cannot set clock.

    So what do you do about it? Two options!

    1. There are some bios'es around that allow the chip to boot past the clocksetting. (do a search!).So how do you get that bios on your chip becuz you cant boot to a flash program or something. Well you need to have an external flasher.

    Posted by: "chris67rs" It seems the d6 bios will take care for you of booting past the clocksetting.
    thanks chris67rs for sorting this out for me

    2. This is the more easy and newbie friendly strategy
    -Get a friend with a modded xbox.
    -Unlock his hdd with eeprom management from a slayer evo-x cd.
    -Than, place his hdd in your xbox.
    -Boot with your chip on.
    -Now the xbox DOES find a dashboard when you boot in original mode and you can set the time in the msdashboard clock settings.
    -Shut off xbox and remove your friends hdd
    -PLace his hdd back in his xbox and lock it again
    -Install your hdd
    -(clock has been set) So boot up with slayer cd.
    -Install normally whatever you wanna install
    -lock hdd

    Thats all!
    Good luck

    Last edited: Jun 24, 2004

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