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What file do I use for an ISO

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by RaspyFL0w, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. RaspyFL0w

    RaspyFL0w Guest

    I have this splinter cell game, all this rar. files. which one do I use to when i want to make it an iso?
  2. nastynath

    nastynath Guest


    Use WINrar to unpack the rarfiles you hav DL and you should hav a .ISO image to burn with NERO.

  3. RaspyFL0w

    RaspyFL0w Guest

    i dont want to burn it tho, i just want to put it on my xbox, what file do i seen to the xbox, so wait i got all these files that are rar. and i got one file that is a ms info document , what do i do with these
  4. RaspyFL0w

    RaspyFL0w Guest

    when u say unpack, u mean like take all the rare files, and make them one? but what files, i told you on the previes post, i have all these rar. liek rar.00 rar.01 rar.02 adn then the msinfdo
  5. RaspyFL0w

    RaspyFL0w Guest

    bump, anyone know?
  6. Bohefus

    Bohefus Regular member

    Nov 20, 2004
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    You have winrar installed right? double click on the first .rar file and select extract archive from the menu. it should uncompress the winrar archive into an iso. If winrar is associated with the .iso extension then it will show another winrar file after it uncompresses it.If your burning the game to disc, you just burn this iso to disc with your favorite dvd burning software using the burn as image option within your software. If your looking to play the game from the xbox hdd you'll have to extract the iso using Craxtion or some other xiso creation/extraction utility and then ftp the extracted contents to your xbox hdd.

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