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what format are cell phone sounds?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Blahrny, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Blahrny

    Blahrny Guest

    what format are cell phone sounds? say for a verizon phone, wich is what i own. they sound simple like Midi wich makes me wonder why not just load new sounds onto your phone from your computer instead of ordering them off of your cell phone. is this possible? and why don't they just go all the way to mp3?
  2. mrmont

    mrmont Guest

    hi Blahrny theres stacks of sites what have free midi files for you to download search google youll find trillions, you need your data cable and software.. easy as pie, and alot of new phones now are mp3 players and you can have mp3 ringtones..

    infact p.m me and i will send you 500 good ones if you want
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