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What is best 29 Flat digital TV

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by BuAzooz, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. BuAzooz

    BuAzooz Guest


    Tired watching movies in computer screen, so purchased a new divx player ( Philips DVP 642 as recommended in this forums ) . and found out it’s still agley with old Sony TV 21 inch

    Now planning to buy TV 29inch flat digital (can’t go higher than this, budget and decoration problem).

    Some body recommended these brands
    1- Sony
    2- LG
    3- Philips - it's cheaper ( around 250 $ les ) and i have divx player which is Philips also , i think it will be more compatible with Philips TV ) .

    And some one told to buy any brands cheaper they all have same options and quality.
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  2. BuAzooz

    BuAzooz Guest

    No need to replay i all ready bought a Sony TV
  3. Peon

    Peon Member

    Mar 2, 2005
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    I'm planning to switch to widescreen TV soon and would apreciate any tips you may have.

    My main concern with DVP 642 playback in regular 4:3 TV is that the picture gets overscaned and out of proportion, ie. Tall Perople, when divx file is encoded in 720 x XXX rez.
    It's been my experience that anything encoded below 640 x XXX rez plays fine on analog TV

    Do you have this problem and did WS TV solve it? I'd apreciate your comment.
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  4. BuAzooz

    BuAzooz Guest

    The TV wich i bought your can change to 4:3 mode or 16:9.

    and i actually now a days i don't check rez if it's below or 640 , but all my files are playing fine ...
    and you have the option to change to 4:3 mode or 16:9 on the TV .


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