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Whats wrong with my cd-rom?

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by alder343, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. alder343

    alder343 Member

    Dec 13, 2004
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    Desktop Diagnostic Problem 12-12-04

    I need help!!!

    I have recently upgraded my old desktop.
    Just installed a new motherboard, CPU etc:
    I’m using Win XP-Pro and Windows Office 2000 plus many other programs. Two 40Gb HD, DVD-Rom, CD-Rom and a floppy.
    It will take at lease two pages to detail what I have done so I will not list them here.
    But if any body feels that they can help with the following problem please let me know and I will email all the details.
    Device manager lists all 5 drives and states that they are working properly.

    I have went to several websites, MSIcomputer.com, Gigibyte.com, LITEON.com, PCClub.com, talked to my local computer tech. To no avail.
    And other websites searching their respective Q&A sites and have found no answer to my problem

    When I load windows and go to “AMBIOS Setup – Standard CMOS Setup screen”;
    It shows that all five (5) drives are recognized.
    Pri-Mstr. 40GB HD. Pri-Slave, DVD drive, Sec-Mstr 40GB HD, Sec-Slave CD-Rom, and a Floppy drive.
    (Changing positions of the drives on the IDE cables makes no difference.)

    However when I go to My computer screen the system will not recognize or read either of the non-hard drive drives.
    It will read both of the hard drives, Drives C & D.

    LOW & BEHOLD !!!!!
    By chance I loaded two data CD’s into both CD drives prior to loading windows.
    My computer would then read the CD’s with no problem.
    If I changed CD’s while windows was still loaded then my computer would NOT read or recognize that disks were installed.
    Nor will my computer read a Floppy disk. The floppy drive is new.

    IF Anybody has had a similar problem or can help please contact me via email and I will be glad to send you all the details.

    Bob Alderman
  2. nownthen

    nownthen Regular member

    Nov 14, 2004
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    Where there any problems when you installed Windows?

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