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Where do you get your Android tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by greefever, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. greefever

    greefever Guest

    Hi, guys. I'm a little new here and I'm looking for some advices.
    I want to buy a cheap china tablet for my daughter, so that she can enjoy herself by playing some funny games on the tablet when I try to focus on my part-time job.(at home) I want to pick up a china tablet because it's cheaper than other high-end tablets, and it wouldn't cost too much no matter what my daughter does on it. So, please share your good experience from which vendor. Many thanks.
    BTW, noticed a ad for cheap china tablet when I's searching on Google, http://www.shopsimple.com/tablet-laptops-and-notebooks_c080706.html Seems all are china tablet and are not bad. Anyone familiar with this? Reliable?
  2. dailun

    dailun Active member

    Mar 16, 2006
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    IMHO, there is no such thing as a "cheap chinese tablet" that's good.

    I bought a sub $100 USD one know that it might be a throwaway. For the most part, it was.

    IMHO, the tablet must be able to support 3.0 to be "functional".

    If it doesn't run "Angry Birds" smoothly, then it's not worth buying. I purchased a tablet with a 600MHz (over clocked to 800MHz) CPU.
  3. greefever

    greefever Guest

    Yeah, some china tablets are not so good. But, as read on some messages on board, if you overclock it and root it to run a good customer ROM, you still would have a good toy. Besides, it wouldn't cost too much.
  4. SG8

    SG8 Regular member

    May 15, 2007
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    Just don't buy from Chinagrabber, or waste your time on their apad.tv forum.

    My advice would be to steer clear of Chinagrabber, and their ApadTV forum. I bought a pad from Chinagrabber after viewing the forum and seeing the posts on the forum regarding making sure you buy a GENUINE IBEX FLYTOUCH from Chinagrabber (or one of their other trading names), decided to buy one. I read on their website that products are 'stringently tested' before they go out.

    BIG MISTAKE!!! I received the tablet and first thing that I noticed was that the wifi was very poor, but decided to get a USB dongle and put up with that. Then the touch screen proved to be next to useless (which kind of defeats the purpose of having a touch screen) but even then I said I would just use it with a keyboard case so at least I could get some use out of it, but THEN the internal memory packed in which meant that any apps or settings I added to the unit were gone the next time I powered it on.

    I did take the pad apart and replace the internal memory card with an 8gb TDK one, and the one that I took out of it (supposedly a 32gb) shows as having about 140mb of space on it, but I cannot format the card, or even delete the files that are showing on it.

    Their forum appears to be just a patethic attempt to stop people posting the truth about the units, as if anyone posts anything bad about them , the forum admin 'moderates' their posts, then stops them posting at all and people get banned and their posts removed, so that when someone new comes along they don't see all the problems that people really experience with their pads.

    The admin on the forum told me that lying is against the forum rules, and then he put a line of text under my username on all my posts saying 'Only posts negative everytime', when I pointed out some of my posts that weren't negative (thereby making what he posted a lie), he then changed it to 'The Grinch' (so I guess he must think he is funny?) I then pointed out that as the Grinch is a fictional character (and I am not, as far as I am aware) that that would also have to be considered a lie. He then decided not to allow me to PM him any more, which is a bit immature for someone supposedly meant to be able to moderate a forum.

    The forum only appears to exist to stop people posting on other forums when they discover problems with their pads, and going by the amount of people with problems there must be an awful lot of problem pads getting by their 'stringent testing'.

    One problem (the wifi) I could live with, the second problem (the poor touch screen) was a bit harder to put up with, but the third problem (the internal memory) was the final straw. The pad is a piece of crap and their forum is only there to cover up the real issues. Patethic, steer clear at all costs.
  5. zuzus

    zuzus Guest

    one of my friend suggest me one site you will get cheapest gadgets their, it was naaptol.com I hope you will get your desire at here.

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