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where is the mythic dawn H.Q.

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by naruto111, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. naruto111

    naruto111 Guest

    hay ive read the 4 books like 7 times and i still cant find where it is so if you know TELL ME!!!!!!!thanx to who can help
  2. zeiram

    zeiram Guest

    did you give the books back to tarmeena.

    heres what you need to do.

    Once out of the sewers, return to Tar-Meena at Arcane University. She'll say
    she has to study the books in order to find the hidden message. It takes her
    three days to figure out the hidden message, which is "Green Emperor Way Where
    Tower Touches Midday Sun". (Read the first letter of each paragraph of each

    You don't have to wait for Tar-Meena. Go to Green Emperor Way (middle section
    of Imperial City, where the palace is located). The palace is surrounded by a
    cemetery and you're looking for the tomb of Prince Camarril. His tomb is
    located in the southwest portion of the district. It's not marked on your map;
    look for a large, domed tomb and target the door to find out if it's his.

    Once you've found the tomb, Wait until the 11:00am hour and then sit and wait
    for the light show to begin. When you see a glowing map appear on the door of
    the tomb, step up close enough to get the message you've found the
    headquarters of the Mythic Dawn.


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