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Where to get Sony DRU500

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by superfan, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. superfan

    superfan Guest

    Anyone know a place where I can pick up a Sony DRU500? I tried ordering it from Sony and they won't have it until around Christmas. Every other retailers I've gone to is sold out. I checked on e-bay, and some people want $430 for it on buy-it-now. I'm not willing to pay that, and I don't think anyone else is either actually judging by the lack of interest the past couple of days. PC Nation says they may have them in in about a week or so. Anyone else out there?
  2. taxman2

    taxman2 Member

    Oct 14, 2002
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    Got mine a Circuit City.
  3. MRX2099

    MRX2099 Guest

    you can try here for the SONY DRU500A
    http://www.mysimon.com or gateway.com or Pc connection.com or even computersforsure.com have them, all around the $330.00 price range
    I read the reviews of this hardware at zdnet.com that is how I decided on this particular modedl also. let me know how you like yours when you get it in, not gotten mine ordered yet
  4. superfan

    superfan Guest

    Thanks guys. Unfortunately I seem to be finding it is sold out almost everywhere. PC Nation just started shipping out orders that were placed in October today.

    I debating now whether it is really worth it to wait for the DRU500 or just pick up the Pioneer A104.
  5. TAZ345

    TAZ345 Guest

    Bestbuy.com 349.99. Yes it is worth the wait!
  6. DVDPlanet

    DVDPlanet Guest

    Not from bestbuy.com
    the best place is to search for the best place to buy from www.pricewatch.com
    it's a search engine. it lists the vendor and the price so that you can compare & save
    Take care!
  7. superfan

    superfan Guest

    Still nobody has the DRU500A. Extra credit goes to sleezoids on E-Bay who offerred me the unit for $399 + $35 shipping. Hmmm, I'll pass. Also extra credit goes to Techdepot.com that took my order, said they had 136 in stock, then informed me the next day that I was stuck on backorder. I got fed up and just bought the Pioneer A05, I think it has everything I need right now.
  8. SevenVII

    SevenVII Member

    Nov 27, 2002
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    yup, checked everywhere and no one has these things. I ordered through PC Nation though and hope to have mine around christmas. heh, wishful thinking.
  9. superfan

    superfan Guest

    Well you are officially one unit closer to getting yours. I pre-ordered one from PC Nation two weeks ago and they said they wouldn't be shipping till late December. I just canceled my order today with them. Good luck.
  10. davidgoob

    davidgoob Guest

    I already have a Pioneer 103, its ok but I would sure love 4x, also i think I want a sony for the dvd+r capability. I have disks that i made on dvd-r that won't play on my friends machine but his dvd+rw disks play both on his and mine. And dvd+r is even more compatible than dvd+rw, so i like the compatibility of the + disks. I read somewhere they are almost 90% compatible with all standalones now and will get even more compatible with newer type media yet to be introduced. Don't know if that is true.
    But it can't hurt having a machine that does both, right?
    Also I read that dvd+rw disks don't need erasing. They erase on the fly while recording new stuff. This saves you about 50 minutes each time you need to erase a dvd-rw disk, yikes!

    Any other thoughts?
  11. wetcat

    wetcat Guest

    I ended up getting mine for about $290 after reading anouther post. There is a coupon in the new maxim and pcworld for 10% off at best buy, after the coupon it cost $341, plus there is a 50 rebate you can download at office max...so in the end I will have pad 290 and I didn't have to wait for shipping. Now if I could fix my maestro problem I would be really happy.
  12. superfan

    superfan Guest

    I'm gonna be producing a lot of the CDs so I planned on going exclusively with -R media, simply because +R is hideously expensive and impossible to find in bulk. We'll see.
  13. superfan

    superfan Guest

    how about DVDs, not CDs :)
  14. rootman

    rootman Member

    Nov 29, 2002
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    Where is this rebate I keep hearing people talk about from officemax? I cannot find it anywhere online, can someone point me to a link please?


    Edit: It was office depot.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2002

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