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Which burning software should I buy?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by walkngdud, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. walkngdud

    walkngdud Guest

    I'm brand new, never burned a dvd and am looking for a writing suite to get me started. I've got a DVD video player that is very versitile and thought I would through an AVI file I downloaded on a disk and see if it plays.
    I have Nero 5.something on my old PC and was doing well with it for CD's and MP's but it looks like they want $100 for Nero 6. That's a little steep for me so I thought I'd ask if it is worth it or can I get something cheaper that I can grow into?

  2. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    Try getting an OEM Nero 6 disc off eabay for 15 bucks or so then later you can upgrade to the Ultra version when you want to :)

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