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Which external burner?

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by curmudge, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. curmudge

    curmudge Member

    Jul 10, 2003
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    I'm in the process of deciding on an external DVD burner. Here's what I'm looking for:
    -Dual format (+/-)
    -USB 2 and Firewire
    -No burn limitations

    That last requirement needs some explanation: I originally thought I'd get the Sony DRX-510UL, but then I remembered something I'd read in PC Mag about it, that it wouldn't copy DVD-ROM content (i.e. movie backups) to +RW media. The review said that Sony's response to this was that it was a firmware bug that would be fixed.

    But then I read a more recent comment by a customer on Amazon, who said, "Unlike the competition, Sony DVD burners will not let you create a DVD+RW disk that looks like a DVD-ROM. This means the DVD+RW disks it creates will not play in many DVD players, especially those made before 2001. For these players, you'll have to try burning DVD-R disks instead, and this gets expensive since the disks are not reusable.
    Search Google for 'compatibility bitsettings' (use the quotes) to locate a detailed description of this restriction, which applies to most, if not all, DVD burners made by Sony, but not to other DVD burners.
    Furthermore, though I had no problems burning Memorex 4X DVD+R or 4X DVD+RW media, or TDK CD-R, CD-RW media in this drive, I had a lot of problems burning Memorex 4X DVD-R media. Check the Sony Storage support web site for recommended media before buying.
    This Sony drive is fast and flexible, and it works well with recommended media. But if you want to create compatible, reusable, DVD+RW video DVDs, I wouldn't recommend this drive until Sony releases engineering information to developers explaining how to change the compatibility bitsettings on burned disks.
    You cannot get around this hardware restriction by using DVDXCopy or Nero Burning ROM or any other utility."

    Is what this guy says true? I've also read here that many people are having probs w/Sony burners. I wonder, since Sony also owns a movie company, if they wanted to make sure it would be impossible, or at least difficult, to backup your DVD collection.

    Anyone that has this drive, have you been able to backup DVD-ROMs to all 4 formats ( +R/+RW, -R/-RW)?

    If not, what is the recommendation for a good dual-format external burner? The research I've done seems to indicate that the Pioneer S606 might be good, tho I can't find much on it. Also, I've read good things about the TDK IndiDVD (can't find a model #).

    I appreciate any input.
  2. braves95

    braves95 Member

    Jan 6, 2004
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    I am using the plextor px-708uf
    It is awesome.I have burnt using any media.
    The only draw back I have seen is the the sony you were talking about has a 4meg buffer and the plex has a 2 meg buffer.I am using dvdxcopy 3.2.1.If you don't use the 3.2.1 it will NOT Finalize the dvd+r.So make sure you are using the version 3.2.1.If you have any questions about the drive or the program give me a e-mail at braves95@epix.net.

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