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WHich is the best dvd player that would play Pal dvds on Ntsc tv?

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by snapok, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. snapok

    snapok Guest

    Hi, i've been looking for a dvd player that would play pal dvds on american tv. I really have lots of pal dvds mostly from russia. I was wondering whats the best dvd player for that? I heard Philips Dvd642 is good. Is that true? I found so many dvd players on the net that claim they are multiregional but does that mean they will play Pals? Is Pal a region? Please suggest the best dvd player for my purpose, thanks alot in advance
  2. snapok

    snapok Guest

    here is what i found so far but i dont know which one to choose. Please people make a suggestion, this is the only forum that i could find that has electronic theme. Once again i need a dvd player that would play my pal dvds on my ntsc tv with good quality. Here are some options for me:

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