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Question Which of these motherboards should i buy?

Discussion in 'Building a new PC' started by caseydavidson, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. caseydavidson

    caseydavidson Member

    Mar 3, 2020
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    Hi guys, i'm building my first "gamer" pc, pretty budget, i am noob in hardware subject.

    For the moment, this is the pc:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200g + Radeon Vega 8

    RAM: 2x8 3200 MHz

    HDD 1 TB.

    I have to choose the mother now and i am between these (don't recommend other than one of these, i get this in my country because of warranty, budget and all of that):

    - Gigabyte B350M-DS3H V2: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-AB350M-DS3H-V2-rev-11#kf

    - GIGABYTE GA-AX370M DS3H: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-AX370M-DS3H-rev-1x#kf

    - Gigabyte B450M DS3H HDMI RGB Ready M.2 NVMe: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450M-DS3H-rev-10#kf

    I know i could be ok even with a A320 with my current setup but if in the future i want to Overclock, upgrade to Ryzen 5/7 or similar, put a dedicated VGA, more RAM, SSD or things like these, i prefer to pay a bit more now and be prepared for that situation.

    As i see there isn't a big difference in usb, m.2, Ram ports and that stuff, pretty the same. (4 RAM slots each, i think)

    My two biggest concerns are:

    - ┬┐What about the OC? I was told the x370 OC is better than B450. Is that right? How much better? Is worth it? What about the 350 OC?

    - I want to upgrade it as late as i can. The B450 would be the better in that case for being the newest?

    Should i be worried about BIOS? As far as i know, the store can update the BIOS for any CPU and ready to go. Isn't it?

    The 350 has nothing to do against the x370 and B450? (So many questions haha sorry)

    That's all, thanks for reading.
  2. wither 1

    wither 1 Regular member

    Nov 29, 2019
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    Hello Casey-

    It seems that your questions would be best answered by the experts at Gigabyte-


    I don't know about anybody else in here but I'd hate to make a recommendation and then have you tell me I was wrong after you made a purchase.

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