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why an ipod?????

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by catato, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. catato

    catato Guest

    just a curious question. why buy an ipod when you can buy an mp3 player that is less expensive, has an fm tuner radio, has voice recording etc.?
    why ipod?
    you can get what you want with a different mp3?
    i want an apple fan or ipod fan to explain it to me, because i dont understand all the ipod hype.
  2. catato

    catato Guest

    Anyone, PLEASE?
  3. saltynuts

    saltynuts Guest

    i dont understand the hype either there are so many brands it is insane.but still people are ipod crazy maybe because apple made mp3 mainstream.who knows just for the record i think the zune is a damn good player bigger screen and fm tuner.and now the 30gig is 199.00usd.then there is creative they have a pretty good line of players as well.
  4. transl8r

    transl8r Guest

    For me, this is an easy one. I chose the 80GB iPod when it replaced the 60GB because it had a decent pricepoint, basically couldn't be beat on capacity, and I'm already a Mac user, so it's seamless integration for me. Now, if I were a Windows user, I wouldn't see any good reason to use an iPod. I'd rather use a Creative Zen or Zune or something that would integrate better for me. But why would I want to use those with a Mac?


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