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Why do you need DVD2One for...........

Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by DeadlyMEX, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. DeadlyMEX

    DeadlyMEX Guest

    I just burn an iso to the hd with Decrypter then i just skip DVD2One and Use Elaborate Bytes(CloneDVD)ver., you can burn ur DVD movie with it, Preserve Menus, Preview files, change Stream preferences all in Real Time and it's realy reliable program has not made one coaster so far. SO what am i missing if i Skip DVD2One.. and i use TMPGenc for my avi needs..

    p.s. don't use DVD X COPY that backup logo reminds me of microsoft screen of death.lol
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  2. Oriphus

    Oriphus Senior member

    May 31, 2003
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    You need to use a compression tool for compressing DVD-9 DVD's. DVD2One is one of the best programs on the market so by skipping it you may not be doing yourself any favours.

  3. DeadlyMEX

    DeadlyMEX Guest

    i been burning dvd-9 movies into dvd-r wirh CloneDVD it has some kind of compression thing tool build in. I was able to back up a 2 hour movie with just one dvd-r. But not the extras.
  4. ken0042

    ken0042 Regular member

    Apr 17, 2003
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    There's the answer to the question you asked in the title of the thread.
  5. Yuriv

    Yuriv Regular member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    DVD2one and CloneDVD are competing products that are going similar things: compressing (not re-encoding) DVD9 material to fit onto a DVD5.
    If you use one, there is no need for the other.
    General consensus seems to hold that DVD2one has better quality results than CloneDVD, which in turn seems to boast more flexibility over what can be included or excluded on the copied disc.
  6. deadlyhit

    deadlyhit Guest

    i wasn't asking a question i was just saying..
  7. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Give AnyDVD <(Team Elby) and CloneDVD a go.
    [bold]CloneDVD/AnyDVD Guide [/bold]
    What you will need:
    CloneDVD The latest product form Elaborate bytes, and even from this early stage this is looking (and performing) very promising.
    AnyDVD: This clever little piece of Software will De-Encrypt a DVD on the fly allowing you to Copy your own personal store bought DVD onto your PC, Remove Macrovision and RCE, it will also allow you to Play DVDs purchased over the internet that are designed to play only in the original sale region.
    Note: AnyDVD has a problem with Matshita (Panasonic) xx-8xxx series drives, but so does a lot of the Decoding software out there.
    A DVD reader.
    Optional a DVD Writer. (you can use Daemon Tools to create a virtual drive)
    The AnyDVD software is necessary to allow CloneDVD to backup the content of most of the DVD Movies on the market today, CloneDVD for legal reasons cannot copy CSS protected DVDs, however you can read the DVD to your hard drive using one of the following Freeware programs, DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter, but by using these free programs you one further step away from achieving the ideal of a Finished copy of your original DVD (IE: you will still then need to run CloneDVD to Transcode / ReMux and Burn)

    Download (from the links below) the AnyDVD and CloneDVD trial software, both these products come with a 21 day trial, this is plenty of time to find out if they are working satisfactorily on your set-up

    Install AnyDVD and CloneDVD and reboot your system (this is critical) neither of these programs is difficult to install.


    After you have restarted your PC you can run AnyDVD (after waiting a short while for the nag screen to allow you to continue) it will load into the System Tray as a Fox Head Icon, if you place your cursor over the icon it will display the Revision of AnyDVD and how the devices are being handled [On: Off: Empty:] (Note! If the Icon is grey AnyDVD is deactivated, if it is Red it is Activated)

    On - How many devices are being masked to inform Windows that they are being played in the correct Region.

    Off - How many devices are not being watched by AnyDVD, Not too sure why this option is here, unless at a later date you can select which devices to watch and which to ignore. If you turn AnyDVD off then this will say Off: X where X = number of DVD devices you have currently on your system,

    Empty - How many Devices currently have no media inserted.

    If you have 3 devices with one DVD inserted then it should read [On: 1, Off: 0, Empty: 2] and it should be noted that a Virtual (Daemon Tools) device will be recognised as hardware,

    Now if at this point we right click on the Fox Icon the following popup menu will appear,

    It has the following functionality:

    Enable AnyDVD - where you can Activate / Deactivate AnyDVD whilst still leaving it ready to run,
    Settings - Configuration options
    Help - Html help file,
    About - Shows your registration details and product revision number,
    SlySoft - Hyperlink straight to the AnyDVD Website,
    Autostart - Start-up when Windows starts
    Exit - err… take a wild guess!
    Make sure that the Enable AnyDVD is ticked (as above) the Autostart option is up to your personal preference,

    Click on Settings and the following dialog pops up:
    It is broken into two areas,

    Default Region, this is normally not necessary and is only there to force a DVD to accept a specific region if it is being particularly awkward, you can leave this section alone, if you need to alter it you will probably know,

    Feature Removal, these options are checked to remove the functionality if available in the DVD Movie,

    Region Code Enhancement: (RCE) some disks have an extra protection to ensure they are not played on non region specific hardware,
    Analog Protection System: (Macrovision) there to stop direct recording of the output signal,
    Prohibited User Operation: stops you bypassing the FBI warnings etc, making you wait until the Root Menu comes up before you can continue,
    As I said checking these items bypasses the protection of each option,

    Also AnyDVD will allow your RPC2 Drive (Region Protected) to behave as if it were an RPC1 Drive (Region Free) this means that other Applications such as WinDVD / PowerDVD will let you play imported DVDs on your PC.

    Right you have now configured AnyDVD and now we can insert a DVD to read from and run CloneDVD,

    Reading your DVD

    Start CloneDVD and you will see the intro page,

    There are three main buttons to the right, which need further explanation, and a small (top right) Help button,

    Copy DVD Titles: Use this option when you want to copy just the Movie,
    Generally the largest Title with the most number of chapters,
    You will be able to select which Audio Streams and Subtitles to keep,
    CloneDVD will fit the Content (Single Movie Stream) onto one DVD Recordable,
    Clone DVD: Use this when you want to copy the Whole DVD,
    Especially useful when you are creating a backup of a Series DVD (EG: Friends, Simpsons etc.)
    CloneDVD will fit the Content (The Entire DVD) onto one DVD Recordable,
    Write Existing Data: Use this when you want to Burn a DVD from already Ripped and Processed Data
    You have already used DVD Shrink or similar to create a selection small enough to fit onto a DVD,
    You are copying from an already Processed DVD,
    You have a pre made ISO/UDF ready for burning
    You know that the original DVD is already small enough to fit onto a DVD Recordable,
    When you have chosen your selected option from the above three choices, you will be taken to the next relevant page,

    Top Button Copy DVD Titles,

    You first must select the Path to the Folder that the DVD VOB (movie) files are stored in, usually VIDEO_TS especially if still on the original DVD, this is done from the dropdown box or using the Browse button, or by typing the path if you know it.

    In the above image you can see there are three available Movie Streams, Clone will select the largest for you, but if you have any doubt you can highlight each stream individually and click on the preview tab, this will let you view the content,

    Note: Preserve Menus top right is unchecked; this removes all the menus, which you have no need for when burning only the Movie to disc,

    Click Next to go to the Audio and Subtitle selection frame,

    Again CloneDVD will try to intelligently select the correct Audio and Subtitles for your Windows Region, but you can deselect or select any that you please if you don’t agree with the choice, I generally select the English Streams and Subs as I cannot read / understand any other language (well what do you expect I am British!) however I have found for example on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I need to also select the Chinese Audio or I get no English Audio.

    Click Next to go to the Output Method Frame,
    This frame allows you to select the whether to Save as DVD Files on your Hard Drive, Save as an ISO/UDF or Burn to DVD, and select the Volume Label,

    DVD Files allows you to watch the Movie from your Hard Drive using PowerDVD or similar, or Burn from Hard Drive at a later time (using the bottom one of the three main frame buttons)
    ISO/UDF allows you to load an ISO into your Virtual DVD Drive (Daemon Tools) to check it has created the DVD properly, saves blowing a DVD Blank,
    DVD Writer sends the created files straight to your Burner,
    You might have decided to copy the whole DVD and if so you started at the middle button,

    Middle Button Clone DVD,
    Note! The Preserve Menu box is checked for this option, as we intend to copy all the movie content (including the extras) from the DVD,

    Select Next to go to the next Frame,

    This Frame whilst looking similar to the one from the Previous (Top) Button Selection, has the difference that it has more than one Title in the left hand pane (Title 2 and Title 3) these are the Extras,

    You can however still deselect the Audio content and Subtitles that you do not require this will help to keep the Movie and Extras to the best possible Quality,

    Click to go onto the Next Frame,

    Again at this Frame you select where you want the content to go to, Hard Drive ISO/UDF or DVD Writer, and select the Volume label,

    DVD Files allows you to watch the Movie from your Hard Drive using PowerDVD or similar, or Burn from Hard Drive at a later time (using the bottom one of the three main frame buttons)
    ISO/UDF allows you to load an ISO into your Virtual DVD Drive (Daemon Tools) to check it has created the DVD properly, saves blowing a DVD Blank,
    DVD Writer sends the created files straight to your Burner,
    The Bottom Button from the Main Frame allows you to Copy Pre Mastered Content or a DVD if you know it will fit your DVD-+R/RW disc, there will be no pre processing done on this content so make sure it will fit.

    Write Existing Data:
    Here we select the DVD Movie files: and either creates an ISO/UDF image file or send to the DVD Writer, remember this content must be able to fit the Blank DVD Disc as there will be no pre processing done at all, the DVD Movie Files can be the VIDEO_TS folder of an already Created Backup DVD or a mounted ISO in Daemon Tools,


    We select a pre created ISO/UDF Image and send to the DVD Writer.

    Final Actions

    Depending on which of the original three options you decided on, The Final Frames in CloneDVD are for Writing to recordable DVD, content is Transcoded / ReMuxed to Temp Folder before writing
    Or creating an ISO/UDF Image, where the content is Transcoded / ReMuxed to Temp Folder and then built into an ISO/UDF Image

    Or the files are copied to a pre-selected Folder ready for you to make an ISO/UDF or Burn at a later date.

    [bold] Guide copyright by Bobcat [/bold]
    Slysoft AnyDVD:http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvd.html

    Shoey :)

  8. Oriphus

    Oriphus Senior member

    May 31, 2003
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    My word Shoey, tell me you didnt just sit and type that in?? Tell me you have a pre-written version!! lol
  9. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    [bold] Guide copyright by Bobcat [/bold]
    Not my guide m8.

    Shoey :)

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