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Widescreen avi play as 4:3 in WMP9/10 and MPC

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by Entilzha, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Entilzha

    Entilzha Member

    Jan 21, 2005
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    Everything worked fine a day ago. Then, i wanted to watch some ogm from a friend. He passed me his ogm codecs:

    OggDS0995.exe and SubTitDS1400.exe

    Then, for some reason, my avi's wont play in Widescreen aspect ratio anymore. Instead, they play as fullscreen 4:3 vids. I played em in DivX player 2.1 and BSPlayer and they play in their correct format, but not in WMP and MPC. I tried installing a new ffdshow (20040828), and configure it to show as 16:9.. but it still plays as 4:3. I dont get it... what coulda happened? I had nimo codec pack 5 build 7 installed, divx pro 5.1.1 (i think) and a recent keopi xvid build (got in last november). I know nimo is old but it suited my needs quite well. According to my friend, here is what the two codecs installed:

    Ogg Splitter (splits Ogg files into the different Ogg streams)
    Ogg Multiplexer (does the mupltiplexing of several Ogg streams into a file)
    Vorbis Encoder (encodes PCM audio to vorbis. CBR and VBR modes)
    Vorbis Decoder (decodes vorbis audio to PCM or IEEE float)

    Subrip parser (reads subrip *.srt files)
    Subrip dest (writes subrip *.srt files) (was new in Version
    Subtitle mixer (renders subtitle streams into video streams)

    Can anyone help me? I want to be able to play the vids with their proper apect ratio again in WMP (cause its easier on my dad, he's familiar with it). I know MPC is good but my probs exist with that player too so fix one and the other is fixed.

    Thx for the help whomever replies!
  2. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    i'm not sure if you can ag with 16:9 ratio with ogm, well i don't use ogm. only matroska...

    well anyway. tagging it meaning it will let the player resize it.
    i'm assuming this is an anamorphic encoding ?

    player resize are ugly to me, so i use avisynth to resize it through ffdshow.
    but the latest cvs build by celtic druid, avisynth is broken, so i use the resize from ffdshow. i think bicubic resize is good and fast. and tweak the luma sharpen to your taste.

    nimo is not old, its evil. ;)


    oh my, i miread some of your post.
    avi can be tag with aspec ratio, but it will be ignored.

    so you need to check the player settings or decoder. xvid 1.1 now supports bitstream tagging.<- is this right ?
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  3. ChrisHJW

    ChrisHJW Member

    Aug 7, 2004
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    I suspect SubtitDS is the culprit, taking over subtitles playback from DVobSub ( vsfilter ), but not being able to handle AR handling in the graph.

    All i can say is, get rid of OggDS and transmux all your OGMs into MKVs with mkvmerge http://mkvmerge.matroska.org

    matroska project admin

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