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Windows 10 – the future is clear

Discussion in 'Windows 10 forum' started by ireland, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Windows 10 – the future is clear

    Here's What Windows 10 Looks and Feels Like

    If Windows 8.1 was everything Windows 8 was supposed to be, Windows 10 – the next version and yes, Microsoft cannot count - is everything Windows 7 could be.

    Confused – I was too initially at the one-on-one briefing (well one-on-two actually) with Evan Williams, Windows Lead, and Jaron Cohen, Commercial Marketing for Microsoft.

    You see the problem is that Windows 10 is in fact every Windows product rolled into one. It will work on every device from a $100 smartphone, a touch tablet, hybrid Ultrabook, Xbox connected to a large 4K (or higher) TV screen, a desktop workstation, an all-in-one desktop, or an all-powerful gaming PC. It will even work with the Internet of Things – small devices that monitor and report, well, ‘things’.

    The secret to this upcoming version is that it uses the same ‘kernel’ – the underlying code that does the computing. Only the hardware layer varies depending on things like touch, non-touch, size of screen, amount of memory, ARM or x86 processor etc. What that means is that Windows apps can be universal across all devices although these will now need to comply with programming interfaces to deliver a consistent experience whether the device has 512MB and 3” screen or more.

    Evan says – and this is the crux of Microsoft’s quest to regain world dominance – “All you need is a Microsoft account to tie all your devices together.”

    Windows will have multiple personalities – mobile, consumer, gaming, commercial, scientific, military, and more. It will not be a case of ‘Where do you want to go today’ but ‘Who do I want to be today” – and I think Microsoft is happy with that.

    Commercial personality


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