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Windows 10's Jan. 21 event icrosoft reveals webcast details

Discussion in 'Windows 10 forum' started by ireland, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Microsoft reveals webcast details for Windows 10's Jan. 21 event

    The event designed to showcase the consumer features of Windows 10 is just a week away, and now Microsoft has revealed a dedicated section on its site for a live broadcast of the proceedings.

    Beginning at 9 a.m. Pacific time on Jan. 21, Microsoft will stream its Windows 10 event live, followed by posting the video for on-demand viewing. The stream will be hosted on a portion of Microsoft's website dedicated to the development of Windows 10.

    Microsoft is expected to unveil a variety of new features of its upcoming operating system, including what it will look like on mobile devices such as smartphones. While the public prevent and recent leaks have revealed a lot about the operating system, several major questions still remain, such as how it will merge the ARM version of Windows (previously referred to as Windows RT) with Windows Phone.

    It's likely a preview release of Windows 10 for smartphones will be available for consumers shortly after the Jan. 21 event, given the recent publication of a "Windows Insider" app on the Windows Phone Store. Regular users can't use the app yet, as it's currently limited to Microsoft employees.

    Source: Microsoft


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