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windows media video to divx

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by bobby2006, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. bobby2006

    bobby2006 Guest

    hi guys;

    thanks for your time...

    i have a couple of movies in windows media video format.i want to convert it into divx. well i tried but after a couple of minutes a screen appeared saying that it can't convert the video. the video is about 400mb.i used a divx pro 6.5 convertor. any suggestions of any other software to use.
  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    Alas, Windows media Window is not an open-source format, so VirtualDub cannot open it.

    One way you could do is to go to http://www.avisynth.org/, download and install AviSynth.

    Then open up the Window Notepad utility and type the following:


    save it as "LoadWMV.avs".
    Finally, if you want convert a WMV file, rename the clip you want to convert as "movie.wmv" and put it in "C\my_movies" folder.

    Since you are uaing the AviSynth filter DirectShowSource, you can load the "LoadWMV.avs" file with any encoder (like, for instance, VirtualDub) and do what you want (you can use all VirtualDub filters and, once you finish, saving it to AVI).
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  3. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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  4. bobby2006

    bobby2006 Guest

    thanksss a lot guys...

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