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Windows Reformatting help?

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by TofuTang, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. TofuTang

    TofuTang Guest

    I have this problem with this Sony Vaio computer.

    I put the cd in it ask me "Press any key to load from cd"

    I do that

    Takes me to the Windows Setup Page

    I press "Enter" to begin windows setup

    I wait like 15 min for it while it is "EXAMINING 152626 MB Disk 0 at Id 0n bus 0 on atapi..."

    Then i see the End-User License Agreement and i Press F8 to agree

    Then i press Enter to Install on a Partition with (152626 MB free SPACE)

    And it says "An error occurred while Setup was updating partition information on : 152626 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]. Setup cannon continue. To quit Setup, Press F3"

    And i try to Delete the Partition space it does the same thing.

    I'm at a lost right now if someone can guide me that'd be a great Help.
  2. jackofall

    jackofall Member

    Jan 2, 2008
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    vista or xp if it is xp you must leave 8MB free so it would be 152618mb partition could also have corrupt cylander on hard drive are you loading in [ ntfs](quick)
    [ntfs] or

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