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Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by shallow, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. shallow

    shallow Guest

    Is it possible to install some variant of Windows onto the Xbox HD?
  2. cr250r

    cr250r Member

    Nov 4, 2003
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    AFAIK, not at the present time. I've read in other forums that in the future, it may be possible. M$ went out of their way to make sure that you couldn't install any OS on the XBOX, but as we all know, that's been taken care of :) Even if it was possible, I'm not sure if I'd want to install any M$ OS, because of the amount of resources it hogs. Unix(Linux) is a much better choice. I couldn't imaging how slow the XBOX would run with WINXP on it ;)
  3. shallow

    shallow Guest

    Now that I think about it XP would be a dog on the Xbox with only 64 megs. I was thinking more of 98' so I could play some classic PC games like Daggerfall but if you cant, you cant.
  4. phatstrat

    phatstrat Guest

    it really isnt impossible im sure alot of people have done it one way or another...using a bios to run whatever OS...and ftp that OS onto the xbox hardrive...as long as the hard drive on the xbox is in a compatible format like fat32 for example...it would work easily...but being able to get the vid.card and other hardware to work properly would be a hard to do.
  5. shallow

    shallow Guest

    XP "might" have native drivers to support the GF3 and maybe the SC (I dont know what soundcard is used).

    IF you could install 98 I bet you could FTP the drivers you need and install from the running OS. Of course assuming you could find the right drivers (dont know if Detonaters would work) but, if they've been written for *nix maybe there's a windows version floating around somewhere.

    Hmm, Im sure you'd need a BIOS that supports a keyboard and mouse too.

    Partitioning the drive to be able to take a Windows install AND be able to play Xbox games might be a trick too.

    How is the Xbox HD formated? NT right? Since the Box's OS is a stripped down version of 2K (as to my understanding).
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  6. phatstrat

    phatstrat Guest

    well...getting a really smaller OS like an express
    version of linux or soemthing, ftp it onto the
    partitioned xbox HD then get a bios to run it...which
    could be flashed on, the only trouble is finding or
    making one.

    and i just thought about the drivers problem....think
    about it....they COULD already be on the xbox
    hardrive or wherever they could be stored on the
    xbox....if it is the same format as the windows....i
    dunno somehow (i doubt it would work) use them
    with windows.

    and if u got the OS working on the xbox hooking up a
    USB port and mouse or keyboard wouldnt be hard at
    all....also using the controller to move the mouse....i
    dunno howd ud set that up....but then just use an
    onscreen keyboard to type....(taking a friggin day to
    write a sentance but still)_X_X_X_X_X_[small]The Irish Unfortunate[/small]
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  7. ShadoweX

    ShadoweX Member

    Mar 10, 2003
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    It is possible to run a Windows OS... but you have to have Linux installed first. Once you get Linux installed you can use Wine to run Windows 2000 and 98. I dunno about XP. It's been done before... I have seen screenshots. Of course all of this run around comes with a power penalty so don't expect things to run fast.
  8. phatstrat

    phatstrat Guest

    agreed....64mb's of ram does not take you very far....considering XP requires atleast 128...i think...im pretty sure...

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