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Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by rizo15, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. rizo15

    rizo15 Guest

    anyone know where to get winzip 9.5 or higher from ?

    thank you
  2. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    try www.download.com or www.winzip.com
  3. rizo15

    rizo15 Guest

    is that 9.5 or higher is says 9.0 sr-1
  4. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    have u ever had winzip 9.5 because on winzip.com (ive just cheked) has only winzip 9 sr1
  5. rizo15

    rizo15 Guest

    i hav my friends got it
  6. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    y dont u try winzip 9 sr1. it might be the 1 ur friend has got
  7. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    by the way i use zipgenius which is free and better then winzip and has a file which u can dload free called cutter .

    cutter cuts files to little pieces so u can move files from 1 pc to another pc using various media storages such as usb or cd or floppy or memory card etc.

    if u want 2 rebuild the file u just double click the bat file which comes with the output

    may sound complicated but it isnt really easy.


    zipgenius is d main program

    cutter is a side program

    u have to download them individualy from the same site. both free
  8. rizo15

    rizo15 Guest

    ive got this sofware that only runs with winzip 9.5 or higher
  9. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    wats da software called n wat does it do
  10. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    It's probably not winzip 9.5 ... don't you think the softwares homepage would carry the most recent version?
  11. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    of course thats y i was wondering how com ur friend has 9.5 but on d official page there is only 9 sr1 any way i dont use winzip like i said before i use zipgenius try it
  12. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    try winrar or 7zip
  13. saharardb

    saharardb Guest

    the funny thing is zipgenius supports many compression formats including rar and 7z (7zip)
  14. maliaus

    maliaus Guest

    Winzip 9.5 is a hacked version of winzip and not a winzip product any longer. Winzip is only up to SR 9.1

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